Consultations for Business Traveler To Canada

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Business Visitor Consultations

We often get called from business travelers whom did not know that they needed to submit applications in order to come to Canada for work. They require entry into Canada for long term jobs, short term contracts, getting trained or training Canadian workers. These people face a denied entry into Canada if not prepared. This wastes time and money for both the individual and the business. It also causes problems if the work or training that the individual was supposed to do, is not completed. Business visitor consultations with an immigration lawyer helps avoid these problems. Our immigration law team at Kahane Law Office is happy to help with business visitor consultations.

Traveling To Canada For Business

Do you have an upcoming business trip to Canada and want to review the Canadian laws applicable to business visitors? Our lawyers offer business visitor consultations to review your business traveler status and proposed activities in Canada. Whether long or short term business, we can provide you an opinion on whether a work permit is required, or whether you may enter as a business visitor. In certain cases, you may be exempt from the requirement of a work permit if you are entering to engage in highly skilled activities for fewer than 30 days. People entering all Canadian Ports of Entry, face similar requirements.

Global Skills Strategy Work Permit Exemption

In June 2017 the Canadian government introduced new programs aimed at improving Canadian competitiveness in the global market. As part of that program, the Canadian government introduced a short term work permit exemption, which allows highly skilled workers to enter Canada for 15 or 30 day intervals annually. Book business visitor consultations with us if you would like to review your eligibility under Canada’s business visitor programs.

Increased Canadian Border Officials’ Scrutiny Of Business Travel

Travel to Canada is getting more complex. Canadian border security is getting stricter.  You can expect more screening when you enter Canada. In addition, ensuring you possess all of the appropriate paper work completed correctly, ensures smooth travel when arriving at the Canadian boarder. Even seasoned Canadian business travelers are facing increased questioning. Business traveler consultations with our team can assist with facilitating easier business travel, by equipping you with the knowledge and paper work required to enter Canada without issues. Know the laws applicable to business visitor by meeting with our team for a business visitor consultation.

Remote Immigration Consultations Available

Due to the nature of foreigners coming to Canada to work, most of our immigration clients requiring business visitor consultations are not in Canada. Consequently, we offer business visitor consultations via Skype, on the phone or even by email. We want to make the process as easy as possible for people traveling to Canada to complete the work or training they require. we have immigration lawyers across Canada, making time zone differences less of an issue for our clients.  Call today to set up a convenience time for your consultation.

Reduce Delays With Proper Paperwork

Are you unsure of whether you need authorization to enter Canada? Are you coming to attend business meetings and or site visits for your work? Certain activity in Canada requires a work permit while other activities are authorized under the Canadian laws for business visitors. If coming to Canada for a short business trip or a long-term secondment and lack certainty of the requirements for authorization to enter Canada, we recommend a consultation to review the details of your visit. Lastly, we evaluate whether additional paperwork requirements exist to enter and remain Canada.

Benefits Of Immigration Lawyers Completing Applications

Many business travelers need an invitation letter or a work permit application. Our immigration lawyers and consultants are able to complete your entire application for you as well, if you choose to hire us. This can be very beneficial because they will be responsible for your application from start to finish. They are able to use their expertise and knowledge to ensure they are providing the government with all necessary supporting documentation and they help you along the way to build a strong application. Being able to ask the lawyer or consultant questions that you may not be sure about during this process is another benefit of retaining them to assist in this process.

Legal Fees For Business Immigration

Transparency with regard to fees and billing is important. We bill business visitor consultations on a flat rate basis. Next, we then review both your work and personal situation. We do this to identify what is required for you to come to Canada for work and any potential pitfalls. During the process we identify certain applications that required submission to the Canadian government.  Our law firm often bills these applications on a flat rate basis. This way you know the cost before committing to have the work done. Lastly, if you decide to retain a lawyer or immigration consultant from Kahane Law Office to complete an application for you, we are able to discount a portion of the consultant fee from the cost of the required immigration application.

Setting Up Business Visitor Consultations

Avoid problems and delays. Our approach to business travel related immigration is provocativeness. The best way to be proactive with regards to your entry into Canada for business travel are business visitor consultations. We usually schedule these appointments with one or two days notice but can manage same day appointments for emergencies. Our immigration lawyers are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Call Kahane Law today. We enjoy helping people. Our Edmonton, Alberta immigration law office is reachable at (780) 571-8463, and our Calgary, Alberta immigration law office is reachable at  (403) 225-8810 or you can reach us too-free at  1-877-225-8817. Lastly, email is often faster so you can email us directly here.