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Getting The Legal Immigration Help You Want At Low Flat Rate Fees

When you need help with your Canadian immigration matter, nothing can be scarier than hourly fees. At Kahane Law Office we are committed to providing Canadian immigration flat rate fees. When you know what an application, review or general assistance will cost in advance, you can proceed with confidence. If your matter is not covered by our Canadian immigration flat rate fees, then ask. We may be able to add it to our Canadian immigration flat rate fee list. Call today 1-877-225-8817.

Our Canadian Immigration Flat Rate Fees

Below is a list of our Canadian immigration flat rate fees. These are for applications as stated. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us at the contact information below. In addition, if you do not see what you need below in our Canadian Immigration flat rate fees list, them also call or email. We can still help and can usually tell you the cost in advance.

Permanent Residency Application Flat Rate Fee
Spousal Sponsorship $5,000 + $500 per dependent
Spousal Sponsorship and Open Work Permit $5,500 + $500 per dependent
Spousal Sponsorship Outside of Canada $5,500 + $500 per dependent
Spousal Appeal at IAD $10,000 (payment plan to be provided)
Residency Appeal at IAD $10,000 (payment plan to be provided)
Parental Sponsorship
  • 1 Parent: $5, 000
  • 2 Parents: $7,000
Alberta PNP
  • Principal Applicant $4,500
  • Each Dependent $500
H & C Application
  • Principal applicant $6,000 -$8,000*
  • Each Dependent $500

*Cost to be determined following assessment.

Express Entry Stage 1: profile $2,000
No fee for dependent spouse/childStage 2: post ITA submission $3,000

  • Spouse $750
  • Dependent 1 $500
Entrepreneur/Investor Class $30,000
Self-Employed (Farm Management; Athletes etc.) $6,000
Temporary Resident Applications Flat Rate Fee
  • LMIA-exempt POE work permit $3,500
  •  LMIA-exempt work permits $4,000

If principal applicant has spouse or dependent children, additional charges apply:

  • Spouse: $1,000
  • Children (PP): $500
Work Permit based on LMIA completed by our office $2,000

If principal applicant has spouse or dependent children, additional charges apply:

  • Spouse: $1,000
  • Children (PP): $500

If principal applicant has spouse or dependent children, additional charges apply:

  • Spouse: $1,000
  • Children (PP): $500
Intra – Company Transferee $4,000

If principal applicant has spouse or dependent children, additional charges apply:

  • Spouse: $1,000
  • Children (PP): $500
Employer Portal
  • One-time set up fee $500
  • Per portal submission $300
LMIA Standard LMIA $5,000
Study Permit application
  • First-time Applicant $2,500
  • Post-refusal applicant $3,000

*If applicant has spouse or dependent children, additional charges apply:

  • Spouse $750
  • Dependent (PP) $500
TRV (tourist Visa)
  • Principal Applicant $3,000
  • Post-refusal applicant $4,000
  • Dependent (pp) $500
Visitor Record
  • First-time Applicant $1,500
  • Post-refusal Applicant $2,000
Super Visa
  • 1 parent: $3, 000
  • 2 parents: $3,500
International Experience Class Stage 1: Expression of Interest $1,000
Stage 2: Submission of Application $2,000
Admissibility Review Eligibility review – Assessment $1,000
Temporary Resident Permit $3,500+
Criminal Rehabilitation *cost of rehabilitation application to be determined following assessment
Restoration of Status Starting at CAD$1,500 – to be assessed on a case-by-case basis
PR Card Renewal Flat Rate Fee
PR Card Renewal $2,500
PR Card Renewal Review $500
Citizenship Flat Rate Fee
Citizenship eligibility review $400
Citizenship applications $2,200
PRTD $3,000

GST is not included in the above legal fees. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Save Money On Your Canadian Immigration Matter

Many people want to keep their costs down. While we are happy to deliver flat rates for immigration applications, many people want to do their application themselves. Now they can with confidence. With our Canadian immigration flat rate fees for documentation reviews, you can have the best of both worlds. You draft and prepare, we review and tell you how to improve your application, then you submit it. Avoid Canadian immigration delays and rejections. Save time and money today.

How Kahane Sets Flat Rates In Canada?

People ask how our Canadian law firm can set flat rate fees with confidence. We know the law and the requirements needed for immigration related applications. Because we know how long applications take, what is involved with applications, what is required, and how to be most efficient, we set Canadian immigration flat rate fees that are reasonable and fair. Above all, if your issue ever exceeds our Canadian immigration flat rate fees, we will let you know before any additional cost is charged.

What Is NOT Covered In Flat Rate Fees

Lastly, there are some things that are not included in our flat rate fees. These include additional applications. For example, if on application for something then requires a criminal rehabilitation, that additional service is billed on its own. Further, additional work required because a client fails to disclose or provide information as requested or if a client is not honest with regards to information provided to the firm or to the Canadian government that affects the application.


When people apply on their own, the application often lacks the proper information for the government to accept it. If denied your application for a spousal sponsorship, or a residency application, we help clients with the appeal of that decision. We examine the application, what problems existed with it and plan the best approach of the appeal of the application. Appeals vary greatly from submitting a new application. The complexity of overturning the denial requires greater planning and effort for the best likelihood of a successful result. The cost for appealing immigration decisions start at $10,000. We provide payment plans when needed.

Military & Veteran Discounts

Please Note: At Kahane Law Office we appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that members of the Canadian Armed Forces make for us. If you require help for immigration services, we want to help. As such, we are happy to extend, and you can learn more here, a military discount.

Immigration Application Reviews: Canadian Lawyers

At the Kahane Law Office, we save you time, stress and money. Our qualified immigration lawyers and support staff perform Canadian immigration applications for a flat rate. Call or email us today. Feel free to reach out to us for help Canada (and world) wide at toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada), or email us directly here.