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Certified Copies of Your Degree Certificate: Fast, Affordable Service

Certifying A Copy Of A Degree / Diploma Certificate in Calgary

Degree or diploma certificates are very important. They prove that you spent the time and effort to earn a degree. That degree certificate proves that you are qualified for specific things. A certified degree certificate copy is sometimes required to prove you successfully completed a specific program. The lawyers, attorneys and notaries at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta are able to help with your certified degree certificate copy needs. Some universities will do these copies directly.

What Is The Need For Certified True Copies Of Degree Certificates?

There are many needs for a certified degree certificate copy. These true copies prove that you earned your degree. They are required when you cannot or do not want to send an original. The following are situations where a certified degree certificate copy may be needed:

  • University application
  • Job application
  • Immigration requirements
  • Proof on required prerequisite
  • Transferring educational programs

What Is A True Certified Degree Certificate Copy?

In order to be certain that a degree certificate is authentic, the recipient of a copy of a degree certificate may want proof. An original copy of a degree certificate is usually conclusive. In order to avoid using an original, you can go to a lawyer, notary or attorney to make a true certified degree certificate copy. This copy is an exact reproduction of the original that can be relied on. The copy is authenticated by a person authorized by the government to do so. A certified degree certificate copy can usually be used in place of the original. They are normally recognized world wide but it is important to confirm if a certified degree certificate copy will be accepted by the person you are sending it to. Law firms in Calgary are not able to confirm these things automatically.

The Way Official Degree Or Diploma Certificate Copies Are Made?

We are able to make make a authenticated copy of your diploma or degree certificate in two ways. The first is the cheapest way to get a certified degree certificate copy. In this situation, we will make a copy of your degree or diploma. We will then stamp the degree with confirmation that it is an exact true copy. A lawyer,notary or attorney will then date and sign the copy. They will then apply their personal seal to the copy proving that they observed the original diploma or degree certificate and the copy. The other way of making a certified degree certificate copy is to again make a copy of the original degree or diploma certificate. In this case, a written attachment specifying the exact document and certifying that it is a true copy is attached to the copy. These are a little more expensive because the attachment has to be drafted especially for you. It is a good idea to confirm which version is acceptable in your situation.

Having Certified Degree Certificate Copies Made In Calgary

Kahane Law Office is a law firm that is located in central Calgary, Alberta. While situated in SE Calgary, we are only a few blocks from SW Calgary and are not far off the main highways and major roadway that make us easy to get to. We also feature free parking. We have low rates for these services and offer further discounts for multiple certified degree certificate copies. To make the certified degree certificate copy process easier you can set up an exact appointment time in advance or drop in. This is true for diplomas too. Drop in clients are usually seen within 10-15 minutes subject to the availability of an attorney, lawyer or notary.

Please contact our Kahane Law Office team in Calgary, Alberta to schedule an appointment with one of our notaries lawyers or attorneys. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here today.