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Fast Low Rate Service For A Certified True Passport Copy in Calgary

Making Sure You Have A Legal Passport True Copy

People often do not understand what official copies of documents are or why they face requirements for them by governments and institutions. There are many situation where people need a certified true passport copy. These copies often involve use locally, but also, throughout Canada and around the world. The law firm of Kahane Law Office in Calgary Alberta are able to help make certified true passport copies.

Why Are Legal Authenticated Passport Copies Needed?

There are many situations where you will need a certified true passport copy. Most frequently, it will involve you having to send your passport away. You should be reluctant to mail an official document like that. Many countries and institutions will accept a True copy of a passport instead of you having to send in the original. The organization that receives it will know that it is really a copy of the passport and not a fake. Even the Canadian Government requires these copies.

What Is A Certified True Passport Copy?

A certified true passport copy is a photocopy or other reproduction of your passport. A lawyer, attorney or notary public the authenticates the photocopy of the passport. With the seal attached, the person to whom the copy is presented knows that somebody actually viewed the copy to make sure that it was not altered or changed.

How We Make Passport True Copies?

There are two ways for a lawyer, attorney or notary to make a certified true passport copy in Calgary, Alberta. For example, they make them by:

Stamped Passport Copy

The fastest and cheapest way to get a certified true passport copy is as follows. You bring your passport to our law firm. We will make a copy of the passport. We then stamp the copy with a Certified true copy stamp. A lawyer, notary or attorney will then sign, date and seal the passport copy.

Attached Certificate of True Passport Copy

The other way of making these official copies is to have the copy make at our office. We then draft a letter (or certificate) of it being a legal true copy of the passport. The letter is then signed, dated and sealed by a lawyer, attorney or notary and attached directly to the copy.

Why Kahane Law Office For Passport Copies?

Many reasons exist for picking a specific lawyers for authenticating your paperwork, including passports. Often the reasons include factors centering around convenience. For example, the following are reasons to pick Kahane Law Office for these services:

  • Low price;
  • Multiple documents discounts;
  • Drop in or appointment service;
  • Central location (5 minutes from Deerfoot, Glenmore, McLeod Trail, Blackfoot, Heritage Drive) While in the SE we are a couple of blocks from SW Calgary; and lastly
  • Free parking.

To schedule an appointment with one of our notaries, lawyers or attorneys, please contact our Kahane Law Office team in Calgary. Most importantly, we also offer walk-in or while-you-wait service. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here today.