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Title Transfers For Land & Homes

The cost of transferring land title in Alberta is set by the Land Titles Act and charged by the Alberta Land Titles Office. People also refer to transferring a name on title as changing names on title. It is also called property name transfers. This process is not about if you have changed your name and just need to update your name on title. For example, if a person gets married or divorced and wants to update their own name on title. The process for updating a name on title is much less expensive due to much lower Alberta Land Title’s fees. We have two offices in Alberta. For help in Calgary call 403-225-8810 and for transferring title in Edmonton, (780) 571-8463.

Please note: Land titles uses the same process for adding a name to title to your home or property. No cost savings apply compared to transferring the title to a new owner altogether.

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How Is Changing A Name On Title Different Than Buying Or Selling Land

Changing a name on title or just transferring land in Alberta is different than the process of buying and/or selling land. Buying and selling land usually involves a new mortgage, transferring funds, adjustments (for taxes, homeowner fees, condo fees, etc.), discharging mortgages, dealing with real property reports, estoppel certificates and also includes changing the name on title. A transfer of title or just changing a name on title usually involves a transfer between friends or family members with no exchange of money. It may be to remove a co-signer, parent, child, or spouse from title.

What Is Included In Our Flat Rate Land Transfer Fees

At Kahane Law Office we dedicate ourselves to bringing you reasonable flat rate fees. Our flat rate fee for transferring land title in Alberta covers the cost of:

  • Drafting the Land Title Transfer of Land;
  • Preparation of the Affidavit of Value for Land Titles fees;
  • Drafting of Affidavit of Execution for Transfer of Land;
  • Witnessing and Commissioning the transfer of land when signed in our Calgary office. (If signing out of Calgary, expect a fee of about $50 for this);
  • Dower consent document and signing on transfer of land (if needed);
  • All couriers to and from the Land Titles Office;
  • All registration fees for the cost of transferring land title in Alberta; and lastly
  • Emailing or regular mailing of a copy of land title once we receive a copy of the updated title showing the transfer.

Cost of Transferring Land Title In Alberta

As the cost of transferring land title in Alberta is based on the value of the property, the following table breaks down the fees for land title transfers.

What Is Not Included In The Cost Of Changing Names On Title

The cost of transferring land title in Alberta can increase in some situations. Please call and we can confirm if there are any additional fees. Some examples of situations that would increase the cost of transferring land in Alberta include:

  • Transferring land of a person who does not have mental capacity;
  • Changing title of land of a deceased person before the granting of probate;
  • Transferring property where a requirement of spousal consent exists but not given;
  • Cost of signing documents outside our office;
  • Sales or Purchases of land;
  • Tax planning, tax advice, matrimonial advice, etc.; and lastly
  • Corporate transfers (if we require corporate searches and/or resolutions)

Cost of Adding or Removing A Name From Title In Alberta

The cost of removing a name from the title to your property in Alberta is the same as adding or changing a name. The land title costs for transferring land in Alberta is the same for changing names, removing names or adding names. There is no increased cost with adding, changing or removing multiple names in a single transfer of land.

Important Reminder If Changing Names On Property in Alberta

Most mortgage companies have a “due on sale” clause in their mortgage. If you have a mortgage and want to change a name on the property tiles, then it is important to get permission from your lender first. If you fail to do this, your lender may attempt to call in their mortgage loan.

Land Title Name Change Lawyers In Calgary

If you need to change the names on title to your property, call us first. We offer fast, efficient service at a reasonable cost. We often prepare transfer documents on the same day or the next day if needed. The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office help with all of your land title related legal needs. CONNECT NOW. With transfers, email often works quickest. If you have a copy of your title, email us along with the full legal name of the person you want to add or take off title. Email us directly here. We also love to speak directly with our clients to answer questions first. Reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta and 780-571-8463 if you live in Edmonton or surrounding area.