Immigration Consultation For People With Criminal Records Or Charges

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Criminal Record Immigration Consultation Lawyers

Do you want to visit Canada but have a criminal record? Does work require you to travel to Canada for training or to perform work but you have a 30 year old criminal charge? Having a prior criminal record or charge, does not always establish a prohibition from entering Canada. Canadian law establishes which crimes bar people form entering the country and which may only bar a person for a specified period of time. Canadian immigration law also establishes requirements for a person to regain the ability to enter Canada. As the immigration laws are complicated, criminal record immigration consultation lawyers help establish your ability to come to Canada with one time flat rate consultations. Kahane Law’s Canadian Immigration Lawyers help.

Why Is Entry To Canada Important

Citizens of other countries want to come to Canada for a variety of reasons. Some just want to visit to see the beauty of Canada or want to come to Canada to live with or visit family members. Others need to come to attend training for their work. Still others work for companies that provide services to Canadian businesses, and require entry to perform their job. Lastly, others need to come to Canada for practical reasons such as getting on a ship for a cruise or as a stop over for international travel.

Visiting Canada With A Criminal Charge Or Criminal Arrest Record?

You can anticipate that any previous criminal charges will influence your ability to enter and remain in Canada. During our criminal record immigration consultation we review the previous charge(s) on your record and provide comment on how those charges  influence your Canadian immigration goals. The Canadian laws and regulations strictly regulate who can and cannot enter Canada with previous criminal records. If previously arrested, charged, or convicted criminally in other countries, we recommend getting legal advice prior to entering Canada.

Importance Of Reviewing Prior Charges

During a criminal record immigration consultation, we look at the criminal history and specific crime.  We then provide comment on the equivalent criminal charge in Canada. Next, we review your options to enter Canada. You may be eligible to apply to enter Canada with a special permit called a Temporary Resident Permit. This permit allows for a single entry to Canada if you demonstrate that the benefit you bring to the country, outweighs any risk you pose. Lastly, we also review whether you qualify for an application for Criminal Rehabilitation, or qualify as Deemed Rehabilitated.   Even if previously refused entry based on your criminal history, the criminal record immigration consultation gives strategy for next steps, and which applications allow entry to Canada.

New DUI Laws Make Entry To Canada Harder

In December 2018, having an alcohol related criminal offence on your record became more serious in the eyes of the Canadian legal system. Even a single convicted DUI charge is considered “serious criminality”, which influences your ability to enter and remain in Canada. If you have a previous DUI  or alcohol related conviction, we recommend having a criminal record immigration consultation prior to attempting entry to Canada.  During the consultation we review the charge, and provide comment on your options to enter Canada as described above.

How To Apply To Visit Canada With Prior Criminal Records

In our customized Canadian immigration consultations for people with previous criminal convictions or charges, we will review forms, supporting documentation, and information required to successfully submit various immigration applications. We analyze which strategy best helps your situation and goals to enter Canada. We will provide a follow up email with resources to assist you in taking next steps in the application(s) discussed. If you hire us to complete an application on your behalf, we discount the application cost  by a portion of the consultation fees.

Benefits Of Hiring Lawyers For Immigration Applications

The lawyers and consultants complete your entire application if you choose to hire us following the consultation. This is particularly helpful if you have a past criminal charge. This is a result of immigration applications for applicants with previous criminal charges tending to be more complex in nature. They also require a deeper understanding of the law. Hiring a lawyer can be very beneficial because they are responsible for your application from start to finish. They use their expertise and knowledge to ensure the government is provided all necessary supporting documentation. This helps build a strong application. Asking the lawyer or consultant questions that you may not be sure about during this process is another benefit of retaining them to assist in this process. After a consultation, if retained to complete your application, we may discount part of the consultant fee from the price.

Booking A Criminal Record Immigration Consultation

Federal laws govern Canadian immigration. Although Kahane Law Office is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, we assist with Canada wide immigration issues. We also assist clients from around the world. For a criminal record immigration consultation, we facilitate the consultation via Skype, a phone call or even email. Save time, money and frustration by understanding your ability to enter Canada. Call Kahane Law today at either one of our two Alberta locations. Our Edmonton, Alberta number is (780) 571-8463 and our Calgary, Alberta number is (403) 225-8810 or email us directly here.