Certified Copies Of Divorce Certificates

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Certified Copies Of Divorce Certificates

For government, court, academic or commercial purposes, mere photocopies of original documents are often not accepted. Rather, certified copies substitute for originals. Instead of sending out original documents, such as your Divorce Certificate, you may choose to send certified copies. This allows you to retain the original to avoid the risk of losing or damaging it in the mail. Once you obtain a certified copy of your Divorce Certificate, it operates as a true copy of the original document. Kahane Law Office prepares certified copies of divorce certificates on a drop in basis or by appointment. Keep reading to find out more about certified copies of Divorce Certificates.

What Is A Divorce Certificate?

A Divorce Certificate is the final document that you receive after finalizing your divorce proceedings. Your Divorce Certificate includes various information, namely, the:

  • court file number;
  • location of the court;
  • full legal names of the divorcing parties;
  • date of divorce; and
  • date of marriage.

Furthermore, the court that granted your divorce also then signs and/or seals your Divorce Certificate.

Why Do I Need A Certified Copy Of My Divorce Certificate?

You may require a certified copy of your Divorce Certificate to prove your divorce. While many instances exist where you need to submit a certified copy of your Divorce Certificate, common reasons include applications for:

  • immigration;
  • banking;
  • pension splitting;
  • marriage licences; and lastly
  • remarrying.

Notably, a Divorce Judgment is not proof that your divorce was granted. In Alberta, once the granting of your Divorce Judgment occurs, you must wait 31 days before obtaining your Divorce Certificate. Unless your ex appeals, your divorce will likely become effective on the 31st day after receiving your Divorce Judgment. You can obtain your Divorce Certificate by requesting it from your family law lawyer, or, if your divorce was granted in Alberta, by submitting an application online here.

How To Get A Divorce Certificate For Divorces Outside Of Alberta?

If divorced in a jurisdiction outside of Alberta, you obtain your Divorce Certificate by contacting the court office in the jurisdiction that granted your divorce.

What Is A Certified Copy?

A certified copy of your Divorce Certificate means that your original Divorce Certificate has been reproduced (usually via a photocopy although a printed photograph is also sufficient) and deemed to be a true facsimile of the original. The copy of your Divorce Certificate receives certification to be a true copy of the original document through a stamp. The key wording in a certified true copy stamp reads:

“I hereby certify that the within document is a true and correct copy of the document of which is purports to be a true copy”.

What Is A Notarized Copy?

On the other hand, a notarized copy is a different method of certifying a document as true. When notarized, a notary witnesses by inspection that no differences exist between the original and the copy. The chief difference is that rather than stamping the copy of the document as a certified copy, we attache a notarial certificate to confirm that the copy is a true copy. The key wording in a notarial certificate reads:

“I do certify and attest that the document hereto annexed is a true photocopy of a document produced and shown to me and purporting to be __________. The said copy of the above noted document have been compared by me with the said original document, an act whereof being requested I have granted under my Notarial Form and Seal of Office to serve and avail as occasion shall or may require. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name, and affixed my Notarial Seal of Office.”

The Divorce Certificate Notarizing Process

When visiting Kahane Law Office to obtain a certified copy or a notarized copy of your Divorce Certificate, bring the original Divorce Certificate with you including two pieces of ID. We will photocopy your original documents while you wait. If you require a notarial certificate, we will draft and attach a notarial certificate to your photocopy. We are happy to accommodate appointments booked in advance and walk-ins.

What If My Divorce Certificate Is In A Language Other Than English Or French?

If you Divorce Certificate is in a foreign language, a requirement exists for a translated version by a certified translator prior to notarizing the document. The translator will attach their certificate of translation to the translated Divorce Certificate. Next, we then photocopy the Divorce Certificate, the translation and the Certificate of Translation. Lastly, the last step is the application of the notary seal to the copy.

Divorce Certificate Certified Copy Lawyers In Calgary

The lawyers, notary publics, and commissioner of oaths at Kahane Law Office make both certified and notarized copies of your Divorce Certificate. The process is quick and not expensive. Drop in during regular business hours or make an appointment. Reached us in Calgary at 403-225-8810, or email us directly here.