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Determining Your Total Points With Our Express Entry Points Calculator Tool

Legal Disclaimer: Kahane Law Office is pleased to offer the below Express Entry points calculator tool. This tool can be used to estimate your points under the Express Entry program’s Comprehensive Ranking System. KLO wants to help you reach your Canadian immigration goals and this tool provides you with an estimate of your points.

This tool is for guideline purposes only and your actual points will be determined based on the laws and regulations set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, and Minister's Instructions issued under IRPA s.10.3. Changes or updates may occur to this tool to reflect changes to governing laws.

Canadian Permanent Residency Points Calculator

Choose the best answer:

  • If you’ve been invited to apply, enter your age on the date you were invited.
  • If you plan to complete an Express Entry profile, enter your current age.

Please tell us the highest level of education you have earned. Education points in the Express Entry Points Calculator can only be gained where you have earned a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate or obtained an Educational Credential Assessment ("ECA") for any studies outside of Canada. ECAs must be from an IRCC approved body, obtained in the last 5 years. Where can I get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)?

Please be advised that Canadian education (degrees, diplomas or certificate) must have been earned at a Designated Learned Institute (DLI). Distance learning cannot have made up greater than half of your overall studies.

To answer yes:

  • English or French as a Second Language ("ESL") must be less than half of your overall study program
  • You cannot count Canadian studies which were based on an award which requires you to return to your home country following graduation to apply your acquired skills
  • Canadian studies must have been completed on Canadian soil (international campuses will not count)
  • The program must be made up of at least 8 months of full-time studies wherein you were physically present in Canada

5) Official languages: Canada's official languages are English and French.

You need to submit language test results that are less than two years old for all programs under Express Entry, even if English or French is your first language.

Enter your test scores:

Enter your test scores for:

6) Work Experience

If uncertain, you can find your NOC here.

To qualify, work must be full-time, paid (or an equal amount in part-time). Work that forms part of a co-op work term, or work completed while on a study permit does not count.

To count, the work must be full-time (or an equal amount in part-time), and in only one occupation (NOC level B or higher).

Note: Individuals with a certificate of qualification can work in some skilled trades in Canada. These certificates will be issued only by the provinces, territories or a federal body. To obtain a certificate of qualification, individuals must have their training, skills, and trade experience assessed and successfully pass a certification exam.

The certificate of qualification is different than a provincial nomination.

Additional Points

A valid job offer must be:

  • full-time
  • skilled (NOC level B or higher)
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt or support by a Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • offered for at least one year from the time you become a permanent resident

Job offers are excluded if they are from:

  • an embassy, high commission or consulate in Canada or
  • on the list of ineligible employers

Other factors to consider when determining whether your job offer is valid can be found here.

To qualify, the sibling must be:

  • at least 18 years old or more
  • related to you or your partner by blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adoption
  • share a common parent with you or your partner

A sibling is related to you by:

  • blood (biological)
  • adoption
  • marriage (step-brother or step-sister)
  • earned a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate; or
  • had an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)? (ECAs must be less than 5 years old and issued by an IRCC approved agency)

If uncertain, you can find your NOC here.

To quality, work must be full-time, paid (or an equal amount in part-time). Work that forms part of a co-op work term, or work completed while on a study permit does not count.

ii) Enter the test scores for:


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