An Alberta Law Firm To Extra Provincially Register Your Corporation

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Extra Provincial Registration Lawyers in Alberta

With a strong economy, Alberta attracts new business from all over Canada. In order to have legal standing in Alberta, your corporation needs to exist in this province. Extra Provincial registration lawyers in both Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta allow your corporation to legally exists here. This process is not about incorporating a new legal entity.  The process is for a business that initially incorporated in another Province in Canada. One extra provincially registered, it can legally operate in Alberta. No corporation is recognized as a legal entity unless it is registered. The lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary and Edmonton extra provincially register your Corporation in a professional, quick and affordable manner.

What Is Extra Provincial Registration?

Each province maintains a registry of corporations that legally exist as a company in that province. The process for incorporation varies from province to province. Evey corporation will have a “home” province in which they were incorporated. Usually that is the province where the business first starts doing business. In some instances, companies decide to register federally. In this case they have no home province. If a corporation wants to do business in a province that they are not registered in, they need an extra provincial registration in order to be recognized in the new province. In connection with the registration, we can help meet your residency requirements with an extra provincial attorney for service address.

Why Extra Provincially Register In Alberta

Businesses have two options to gain legal standing here. The first is to incorporate a new company in Alberta. That costs more, requires extra maintenance, costs and filing of taxes. Alternatively, the extra provincial registration process exists to avoid the second company process. Extra provincial registration is fundamental to operating in a province in which your business was not incorporated. With out legal standing, a company lacks the ability to do many things. For example, things that a corporation cannot do if they are not extra provincially registered include:

  • Recognition by land titles for registration on title to property;
  • Open an Alberta bank account;
  • Recognition by Alberta courts;
  • Commence a law suit or civil claim; and lastly
  • Capacity to contract.

What Type Of Entities Need To Extra Provincially Register

In Alberta, the law gives legal standing to two entities. The first entity includes people. Second, the court recognizes incorporated entities. Incorporated entities take many forms. For example, the following are the types of legal entities that must extra provincially register in Alberta to enjoy the benefits of being a legal entity:

  • Corporations;
  • Incorporated businesses;
  • Limited companies; and lastly
  • Societies.

How Long Does Extra Provincial Registration Take In Alberta

The process for extra provincial registration varies from province to province. When a corporation want to extra provincially register in Alberta, we require specific documentation depending on the home province. Similarly, the time frame that it takes to get extra provincial registration varies on the home province. Generally we have extra provincial registration completed within 2-3 business days of receiving all the relevant documentation. Again, depending on the home province, quicker rush applications speed up the process.

Reasons For This Requirement

The main reason for this requirement is to create a mechanism for the government to know of the company’s existence. It also creates  an address for service. This means that if someone sues your company, an address for service in Alberta allows for an easy mechanism to legally serve papers here. This not only protects the public, but the company also.

Federally Registered Companies

Federally registered companies or corporations will not show up in a provincial search as they only legally exist federally. Due to the lack of any one specific provincial registration, they must register in provinces they wish to be legally recognized in. Many people mistakenly believe that there is no need for extra-provincial registration of federal companies. This is not the case. If needing legal standing across Canada, the requirement is to then register in each province.

Finding Lawyers In Alberta To Register Your Corporation

Save time and frustration and call or email the corporate lawyers at Kahane Law Office. We regularly extra-provincially register companies in Alberta. Our corporate team helps with all your corporate and legal legal needs in Alberta. For these applications, email is the fastest way to reach us. It allows us to send you the information and documentation required to move forward. Please email us using this email. Otherwise, please call toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or call us at 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta, and (780) 571-8463 locally in Edmonton, Alberta).