Flat Rate Prices For Family Law Consultations

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Consultations With Family Law Lawyers: Flat Rates

When you are going through a separation or divorce it is very important to know the law as it applies to you and your respective rights and obligations under it. The early stages of a separation are the most critical when it comes to receiving appropriate legal advice and making decisions which are in your best interests. You start with a family law consultation. Any actions or decisions that you make early on in the process will have a lasting impact on the final outcome. A family law consultation with the family law lawyers at Kahane Law Office (Calgary, Alberta @ 403-225-8810) can help you make the right decisions.

Who Qualifies For Our Flat Rate Consultation

Many factors go into determining if your situation applies when it comes to consultations. Our reasonable flat rate pricing for family law consultations are available for perspective clients who meet the following criteria:

  • People who suspect their spouse will leave them;
  • Clients who are married or in common law relationships;
  • Anyone contemplating separating;
  • Separated individuals;
  • People served with divorce documents;
  • If you are having child support or parenting issues with the other parent of your child; and lastly
  • Whenever you are contemplating living or marrying someone

What Do You Get With Our Consultations

You meet with an actual lawyer (not a paralegal) for your family law consultation. We facilitate these meetings in person or via phone or online video. We encourage you (but you are not required to) to bring a friend or family member as we recognize that these are stressful situations and it helps for remembering what was discussed in you family law consultation. Our job is to ensure that you understand your positions, your options and the consequences of moving forward with your options. Please expect the following when you meet with us:

  • Review your situation with a lawyer
  • Our lawyer then asks detailed questions so we get important legal aspects of your situation
  • We will review your legal rights and obligations
  • Our lawyer will then explain potential options
  • We will explain possible outcomes
  • Next we address any questions or concerns you have; and
  • We will go over the cost of hiring a family law lawyer after a family law consultation.

Why Our Lawyers Do Not Offer Free Consultations

Twenty minute or 30 minute free consultations are not productive for you or us. Some lawyers use free consultations as a hook to get clients in the door. Experienced family law lawyers are in very high demand. A quality lawyer does not need gimmicky hooks to get you in the door. Our experience is also that 20-30 minutes is only about enough time for clients to express themselves in terms of the emotional part of the meeting. You should expect a consult to last a minimum of an hour if children are not involved and closer to 1.5 hours if children are involved in the separation.

When lawyers give actual advice, they take on liability. Most lawyers do not give you legal advice or an opinion without being retained. Here is a link for more information on free family law consultations. Our clients report that the flat rate family law consultation fee is the best investment they could have made in themselves.

Choosing A Calgary Law Firm For family Law Consultations

As a firm we pride ourselves on exceptional service. That is easy to say and more difficult to prove. Top Choice Awards recognized our firm as the Top Family Law Firm in Calgary. Since first winning that award, our family law department has grown based on our reputation for exceptional service by lawyers who care and charge reasonable fees.

To schedule a family law consultation with a member of our family law team to discuss your family law entitlements and obligations, please contact our experienced team at Kahane Law Office. Our Calgary office is centrally located and has plenty of free parking.  You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or 403-225-8810 locally or email us directly here.