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House Calls By Hospice / Terminal Care Wills Lawyers in Calgary.

Importance of Wills for Terminal Care Hospice Patients

Wills are important for everyone, and they can be especially important for those patients who are terminally ill and who may be in hospice care. Having hospice care wills in place when you find out you are terminally ill or you are going into hospice care can help to put your mind more at ease. Even though you are dealing with a debilitating and terminal illness, knowing that you have taken care of the end of your life needs, along with having a will to provide assets to your loved ones, can help to relieve at least a portion of the stress you might be feeling. The hospice care wills lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta are sensitive to the emotional stress of managing your affairs when terminally ill.

The Importance Of Preparing Hospice Care Wills Quickly

There are two factors that press the importance of having a hospice care will finalized quickly. First, the unfortunate nature of terminal illness is that there is not always a means to determine how long there is to finalize a hospice care will. The second, equally unfortunate factor, is that many terminal illnesses will lead to the use of heavy medication and/or pain killers. Once a person loses mental capacity due to pain or medication, it is not possible to finalize hospice care wills.

House Calls To Hospices In Calgary (And Area)

Kahane Law Office cares about its clients. We are able to offer in care facility meetings to help terminally ill clients. Our hospice care wills lawyers are happy to come out for a house call when you cannot or just refer to remain comfortable.

Taking Care of Your Will to Avoid Problems Later

Whether you feel you have a large number of assets or just a few things and a small bit of money to provide to your loved ones, having hospice care wills is vital. It ensures that the belongings you have will go to the right people and that there is no fighting amongst them once you’ve passed away.

Take the time to think about all of the different assets and belongings that you have, even those that you might consider small. Family photos, intellectual property, and your physical assets all have value and will be appreciated when you pass them on to others. Taking care of it now ensures they will not be fighting and arguing. If you already have a will, you may still want to revisit it once you are in hospice just to make sure that everything still holds up. For example, if someone named in your will passed away, you will want to rework their inheritance.

Who Will Make Medical Decisions If You Cannot?

In addition to your will, you need to think about your advance medical directive, so you can have the type of care you want at the end of your life and after you’ve passed away. This includes how you want to die and how you want to be cared for after death – burial or cremation.

Hospice Care Wills Protect Minor Children

When minor children are involved, terminal illnesses are that much more stressful. Hospice care wills help manage this as much as the law allows. Hospice care wills provide for guardians and financial trusts for minor children. While there may be another parent in place, there are situations where the terminally ill parents hospice care will comes into play.

Is Euthanasia an Option?

Those who are nearing the end of their life need to be able to do so with dignity, and as long as they are still of sound mind, they can sign a living will that allows them to die a natural death. So long as they are mentally competent and they are suffering “intolerably and permanently”, they can request a doctor’s help in dying, according to the February 5, 2015 ruling of Carter v Canada by the Supreme Court of Canada. The ruling is suspended currently for 12 months, as they are writing legislation and new laws around assisted death.

Finding Terminal Illness Wills Lawyers in Calgary

Let us help take out some of the stress of end of life planning. House call or in office hospice care wills lawyers are here to help. CONNECT TODAY. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, 403-225-8810 locally or email us directly here.