What you Need To Know About How To Immigrate To Canada

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Immigrate to Canada

The Canadian government has an active policy of promoting immigration to Canada through various programs. Given their complexities, these programs also confuse people contemplating the process of how to immigrate to Canada. Some programs are managed by the federal government while others are managed by the provinces or territories.  If approved under one of these programs, you receive permanent resident status. This gives you the right to live in Canada permanently. The immigration lawyers at Kahane Law Office help people from around the world relocate to Canada.

What Immigration Program Is The Best For Me?

Choosing the right immigration program is key to ensure the success of your immigration project.  Each immigration program has its own requirements and selection process. Before selected an immigration program to immigrate to Canada you should consider your work experience, your education, your personal background, your language skills, whether you have family members in Canada, and the region where you wish to live.  We often encounter clients that were uninformed about an immigration program for which they could have qualified. If interested in making Canada home, it is essential to choose the immigration program that offers you the highest chance of approval. Consequently, this highlights the importance of consulting with an immigration lawyer to determine the best immigration program for you.

How To Immigrate To Canada With Immigration Programs

As stated, there are several immigration programs, but in this article, below we cover the most popular option to immigrate to Canada. For example, the following options exist:

Express Entry

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is not a program in itself. Express Entry is an electronic system used to manage the applications of skilled workers looking to receive permanent resident status in Canada.

The purpose of the Express Entry system is to manage and streamline the process of obtaining permanent residency under 3 programs:

Once an interested candidate submits a profile, the federal government determines the eligibility of the candidate for a program managed by Express Entry. Eligible candidates are accepted into the Express Entry pool and are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS is a points-based system utilized for assessing and ranking candidates in the Express Entry pool.  When you apply through Express Entry, the electronic system will take into account your age, work experience, education, language skills to gives you points.  This selection process includes a condition that candidates meet the requirements for skilled worker, qualified technicians, and Canadian experience class.

Approximately every two weeks, the Canadian government selects the highest-scoring candidates from the Express Entry pool and send them with an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Once a candidate receives an ITA, her, she or they have 60 days to submit permanent residence application.   Generally, the applications process takes approximately six to eight months.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Certain types of workers considering how to immigrate to Canada have specific options for them. For example, people with at least 12 months of qualified professional work experience and advance language skills in English or French apply under this program.

Federal Skill Trade Program

People in trade such as electricity, carpentry, construction and mechanics with at least two years of work experience within the last two years should consider applying under this program.

Canadian Experience Class

If you have recently lived in Canada as a temporary foreign worker for a minimum of 12 months and worked in a managerial, professional or technical position, the Canadian Experience is the fastest option and the best chance of becoming a permanent residence.

All of these programs require a good command of English or French. Further, your age may play a key factor in the selection process.  Younger candidates receive more points under Express Entry. However, older candidates with post-secondary degree and several year of work experience sometimes receive acceptance based on other factors.

The Canadian economy needs managers, skilled professionals and technical experts in trades related to all productive activities. The Canadian Government has created these programs to ensure immigrants coming into Canada can contribute to our economy and have a greater chance of success.

Sponsorship by Family Members

When people think about how to immigrate to Canada, they often think of family already living here. There are different programs under the family category, each has its own requirements.  However, all of the programs under this category are designed to facilitate family reunification in Canada. If your spouse, partner (even of the same sex) or your parents or children are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, they can sponsor you to obtain permanent residency. The process is relatively fast and simple.

Provincial Programs

In addition to Express Entry and Family reunification, many provinces and territories in Canada have its own immigration program. These programs address the economic needs of that particular province.  We are particular

Lawyer Who Explain How To Immigrate To Canada

At Kahane Law Office we look at each client as an individual. We analyze your specific situation and advise you on the best option or program to immigrate to Canada.  We also assist you applying under a particular immigration program. In addition, we represent you throughout the entire process from beginning to end.

Finally, if you want to make Canada home and are uncertain or confused by all the available program

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