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Lawyer Endorsements

There have literally been hundreds and hundreds (about 2,000) endorsements on LinkedIn. Please check our profile for more information. These are endorsements for specific skills and not general law firm reviews.

LinkedIn Recommendations for our Firm and Lawyers

These are some of the law firm reviews and recommendations posted on LinkedIn. These law firm reviews are directly pasted and not edited.

Julie Freedman Smith, Providing Tools for Real Life Parenting

Jeff’s friendly and casual nature does not get in the way of his attention to detail in his legal practice. He makes things easy.

Ammoree Amankwah, Realtor

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Kahane Law Firm Review on LinkedIn

Jeff is at the top of his game, and highly respected in the legal community in Calgary. He is always, without fail, ready willing and able to assist both myself and my clients when unique legal issues present themselves in any of my real estate transactions. He brings incredible competency, a very high level of knowledge, value, and a friendly disposition to anything he is involved with. I would without any hesitation at all recommend Jeff to anyone looking to retain real estate related legal services. You will not find a better lawyer than Jeff, he is a huge asset to our industry. Thank you Jeff for being so fantastic at what you do!!

Mark Herman; MBA, Calgary Mortgage Broker, 1 of the Top-10 mortgage brokers at Canada’s largest, independent brokerage, Mortgage Alliance

Jeff is always one of the real estate lawyers that we recommend. He answers his own phone -which is rare, his para-legals are the best in the industry and their collective knowledge can help save or speed a deal along.

We breath easy when clients choose Jeff Kahane, and you should as well when he is acting on your behalf.

Tylor Volk, Mortgage Planner at Mortgage ARCHITECTS

Jeff Kahane is very reliable and easy to deal with. He is quick to communicate and always keeps me informed on our files. He has great support in his office and can get things quickly and professionally! All of my clients have been very happy with Jeff’s services.

Leslie Koshynsky, Realtor at Royal LePage Foothills

I have referred many clients to Jeff. Often, with first time buyers or sellers, there are many details that need to be explained. Jeff’s former work as an elementary teacher helps to make him very good at explaining these details to clients. Jeff is very patient and reduce the terms to simple layman’s language.

I also love that he quotes an all inclusive price. There is nothing more confusing to a new buyer or seller than disbursements. These little additions to the cost can actually create huge problems for someone who is using all of their available cash to close the deal. When the lawyer asks for even an additional $100 for disbursements, it can be significant. With Kahane Law, you know what the bottom line is before it is too late.

Sarah Gleeson CCHt, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Speaker, Behavioural Strategist, Mind Set Coach, Author, Workshop Facilitator

I have being recommending Jeff and Kahane law for years!!! My clients are thrilled with his service. Clients have always been treated diligently and professionally and willing to refer him business after their experiences with Kahane Law Offices!

Oliver Baezner, Professional Business Coach, Sonic Breakthrough Coaching

I have used Jeff’s services for my real estate transactions and have been very pleased with the professionalism of Jeff’s team. My wife and I received excellent service and everything went smoothly and closed on time. There are never any “hidden fees” and the experience is World Class!

I refer all my clients to Kahane Law and they are always delighted with the quality of legal advice and service they receive. You owe it to yourself to use Kahane Law.

Danielle (Dani) Doll, Governance Consultant & Director

Jeff is an intelligent, talented lawyer with an entrepreneurial spirit. But more importantly, he is approachable and personable as well as professional. I worked with Jeff on a number of transactions at Donahue Ernst & Young that were successful due in part to his specific contributions. Even though I was a legal assistant at the time, Jeff treated me as an equal, which is a testament to the strength of his character. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff based on my business and personal dealings with him to date

Lisa Shefsky, AMP (Accredited Mortgage Prof.)

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff on a number of occasions since our introduction in 2007. Jeff acted as my lawyer for my personal purchase and he was a breath of fresh air – offering an uncommon warmth and genuine care that seems to be missing in the legal world many times. Since then, I have recommended Jeff to my mortgage clients who have all provided positive feedback. He takes the time to explain things and answer questions along the way without ever making his clients feel foolish.

Having a competent and caring solicitor for my purchase and those of my clients has proven to be invaluable. Thank you Jeff!

Future Law Firm Reviews

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