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Calgary Lawyers for Notarized Documents

Getting Documents Notarized In Calgary

When people are faced with needing notarized documents in Calgary, they often do not know what to do. All articling students and lawyers in Alberta are also Notary Publics. Other provinces have other rules, however in Alberta this is accurate. In addition, there are also notary publics who are not lawyers. Any of these people can notarize one or more documents for you in Calgary. At Kahane Law office, we have over a dozen notaries able to help you. This makes it quick and easy to come in. (we also have free parking and are located in a central location without the hassle of downtown driving.) Call today for your appointment: 403-225-8810.

The Purpose Of Having Documents Notarized

The requirement of notarized documents occurs for several reasons in Canada and around the world. Notarized documents can be both required by specific statutes (such as the Land Titles Act), or requested without a legal rational. These reasons include:

Appointments For Notarized Documents At Our Law Firm

Our law firm offers two ways for you getting documents notarized. We offer service by scheduled appointments or you can just drop in. Drop in notarizing is subject to the availability of one of our lawyers. We are often able to offer immediate drop in service but at times you may need to wait 20-40 minutes. The longest waits are often over the lunch hour as some of our notaries will be out of the office. If you need to come in over your lunch time, it is best to make an appointment or come just before or just after the noon hour for notarizations. Scheduled appointments for notarized documents save you the wait.

What To Remember For Your Notary Appointment

A key aspect to notarizing documents requires the authenticating of your signature on the specific documents. The means that certain things must accompany you when you come in for your appointment. For example, you must bring the following in order to get documents notarized in Calgary:

  • Bring in one piece of government issued photo ID;
  • Bring in a second piece of ID that is either government issued photo, or with a signature, including credit cards or health care cards;
  • All people who are signing the document must come to the appointment. We cannot notarize a document without being present when the document is signed;
  • Bring the documents that you need notarized with you to the appointment;
  • Bring in any paperwork that relates to the notarized documents;
  • Please do not sign the document that require the notary before your appointment; and lastly
  • For original true copies, we will need to make a copy of the original document. Please bring in the original.

Types of Notarized Documents

The following are the more common documents that require notarization in Alberta. They are just examples. We would strongly recommend that you review the document that you need notarized before making your appointment. Then let us know. If yo need more than one document notarized, then ask about our multiple document discount. Examples of documents that need notarizing are:

Some Documents Require More Than Notarization

We often get calls from people who want to book an appointment for completing notarized documents. On reviewing the documents, however, what the person requires is another type of service. This happens for a few reasons. Sometimes people do not understand the nature of the documents that they want to bring in to the lawyer. Other times, people think that they will save money by booking a notary appointment instead of some other service. This often delays dealing with the documentation. The most common ares that people book a notary instead of another service include: Certificates of Independent Legal Advice, personal guarantees, separation agreements, out of province transfer of property and cohabitation or prenuptial agreements.

Unfortunately, the process for these other situations is completely different.  While these services do cost more than a notary, it is because there is a lot more work and liability involved. Make sure to let us know what type of document you want to bring in and we can book you an appointment with the appropriate person for the appropriate amount of time. This will save you having to come back for a second appointment. If unsure of what you need, ask when you call. We usually know what the requirements include once you explain the paperwork to us.

Fast, Easy And Affordable Notary Services

At Kahane Law Office, we make these services easy and accessible to Calgarians. We believe in fast, accessible and affordable service. To ensure an easy process, we offer walk-in or while-you-wait service. You decide which method is easier for you. We aim to help people when they need us. If you are not sure if you need a document notarized or something more, then call and ask. We are always happy to help. To schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers for document notarization, call us at 403-225-8810 in Calgary, Alberta, or email us directly here.