US Notarial Services & Authentications

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US Notary Service

A lot of business and personal interactions occur between Canadian and American citizens and companies. For Canadians, in some instances a United states entity requires a notary seal that is either American or authenticated by the American government. Traveling to the United States is costly and time consuming. Attending a US consulate requires an appointment during their limited public hours (more information below). Save time and frustration by booking a notary service appointment for your US documents to be notarized with one of our lawyers who is registered with the US Consulate in Calgary. PLEASE NOTE: This service will not work for people who require an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

The US Consulate Notary Process

The U.S. Consulate General office in Calgary offers American notary services. The now have a new online booking system that allows you to both make and cancel appointments. They charge $50 US dollars for each document. Fees may be paid by credit card if attending in person only. Otherwise, you pay the $50 by Bank or Postal Money Order only in US funds payable to “US Consulate General”. No debit options are available. Once you schedule your appointment, expect to spend an hour at the Consulate. As a part of the process, expect security screening prior to admittance. The Calgary Consulate offers several services. For example they offer:

  • Passport services (except for adding pages to a passport)
  • Reporting the birth of a child born to an American citizen when outside the US
  • Applying for a child’s first American Passport; and lastly
  • Notarial and other services.

As a consequence, limited spots exist for Notary services. Some people find it more convenient to us a Canadian Notary who is registered with the US consulate. Please note: Security rules exist for when you attend a US Consulate. For instance, their list of prohibited items includes many things. For example, do not bring food, beverages, cameras, computers, helmets, bags or purses greater than 12 x 6 x 10 inches, and several other things. Enforced limits also exists for people who attend with you when you go to the appointment

US Consulate Location and Hours

The US Consulate located in Calgary is locate at 615 Macleod Trail S.E. It is on the 10th floor. They have limited hours for the public. It is open Monday to Friday 1PM to 3 PM and is closed on both Canadian and US holidays. You require an appointment via the online booking system linked to above.

US Consulate Authentication Process

The US Consulate in Calgary has the ability to Authenticate an Alberta Lawyers Notarization if the lawyer is registered with the Consulate. They charge $50 US for each document for this service. In this instance you mail the document that requires authentication to the US Consulate. You must include the fee, in exact amount money order. Do not mail cash and the money order must be in US FUDNS. They also do not accept credit cards when you mail in the documents for authentication. Lastly, you must include an express post or priority post envelope large enough to contain your documents. The consulate does has no ability to return documents by courier. Any Canada Post location sells the priority or express post envelopes.

The Advantage To Authentication

The cost for a notary and authentication is the same. With authentication, you have the additional cost of the lawyer notary service. However the advantage to authentication, is that no requirement exists for you to attend the US Consulate. Your ability to attend Kahane Law Office in person is much easier in terms of setting up an appointment for the notary.

Calgary Lawyers Registered With the Calgary US Consulate

Kahane Law Office has lawyers registered with the US Consulate in Calgary. This means that the consulate has a copy of the lawyer’s notary seal, signature, Alberta Law Society Membership card and more. After our lawyer notarizes your document or documents, you then send the documents as above for the authentication process. It is always best, when getting a notary for use in the US, to confirm if a US notary or authentication is required for that particular use.

Our Fee For Notaries Authenticated By The US Consulate

The fees and the process for authenticating our notary seal on your document(s) is as described above. As of January 1, 2024 our fee for Notarizing a document that the US Consulate will authenticate is $65 for the first document and $30 for subsequent documents.* If you have more than 10 document requiring notarization, please call or email for a quote as lower fees may apply.

Booking An Appointment At Our Calgary, Alberta Office

We are always happy to help. Call or email Kahane Law Office for an appointment in Calgary for US notary service. Drop in notarizations for this type of notary is not always available. Therefore, we encourage making an appointment to ensure the service you need when you need it. When you attend at our office, we require two pieces of valid ID. One piece of ID must be a picture ID such as a passport or Driver’s License.

We Can Help!

Navigating the process of obtaining notarized documents for use in the United States can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially for Canadian citizens and entities. However, by utilizing the services of a Canadian notary registered with the US Consulate in Calgary, such as Kahane Law Office, individuals and businesses can save valuable time and resources. Whether opting for in-person notarization at the consulate or choosing authentication through a registered lawyer, the goal remains streamlined access to essential services without the need for costly travel or extensive appointment scheduling. With transparent fee structures and convenient appointment booking, Kahane Law Office stands ready to assist with US notary needs, providing peace of mind and efficient solutions for cross-border transactions and interactions. Call our office today at 403-225-8810 or email us at [email protected].

*Please note the fees are subject to change without notice.