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Permanent Residency

Consulting With A Immigration Lawyer For Permanent Residency

Many people want to become Canadian citizens. Getting your permanent residency status is a key step. Lawyer or attorney fees scare people. Yet an immigration lawyer is not always an expensive resource. Many of our clients hire us for a permanent residency consultation only. You control the cost (by how many consultations you need or want) and direct the consultation. When people retain us for a permanent residency consultation they come to us with a variety of matters that they want to discuss. Kahane Law Office helps with permanent residency consultations for people throughout Canada. Not everyone is in Alberta so online video conferencing makes the process easier for you to have a permanent residency consultation.

What Is A Permanent Residency Consultation?

A permanent residency consultation with an immigration lawyer is a 50-minute meeting that consists of a review of the different permanent residency streams and your eligibility for those categories. There are many programs in Canada so picking the right one for you is very important. Due to all the options out there, we discuss which Permanent Residency Program is best for you.

Cost Of A Permanent Residency Consultation?

We bill permanent residency consultations on a flat rate. We accept payment by credit card, e-transfer or debit. The advantage of a consultation with Kahane Law Office, is that in most cases a portion of your consultation fee is applied to the cost of a permanent residency application if you decide to hire us to complete it for you. As a result, you get the best of both worlds if you chose this approach.

How Immigration Consultations Help The Application Process?

If applicable, we will use the Express Entry points calculator to determine an estimate of your Comprehensive Ranking Score Points. This is also called the CRS points score. We review your points and provide suggestions on steps  to maximize your score and increase the likelihood of being invited to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. If you do not have sufficient points to be drawn under the Express Entry program, we review alternative ways of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada, or alternatively, review other immigration strategies for you to move to or remain in Canada. It is especially relevant that even low point scores, often have other options.

We can answer Permanent Residency Immigration Questions

Our immigration lawyers and consultants review the Permanent Residency process with you and explain the requirements including specifics about the supporting documentation and forms required to successfully apply. They use their experience to identify potential risks that lead to a refusal of your Canadian Permanent Residency Application. They also comment on the various strategies available to you to reduce the risk of refusal on your application.

Lastly, they provide you with tips to improve your application and increase the likelihood of a successful application. Of course, they also answer all your questions throughout the consultation.

Refused On A Permanent Residency Application? We Can Help

If you have already received a refusal, the lawyers comment on what to do to improve your next application and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. They will answer any questions you might have about the process, supporting documentation, or anything else related to the Permanent Residency application.

Moving Forward With Your Application

After your consultation, we provide a follow up email with resources that assist you in making an application. The purpose of the consultation is to provide you with the most information about the process and strategies best for your situation. In addition, knowing your options helps reduce stress.

Benefits Of An Immigration Lawyer To Apply For You

The lawyers and consultants complete your entire Permanent Resident application, if you choose to hire us. This is very beneficial because they handle your application from start to finish. It takes the stress off you. They use their knowledge to ensure they provide the government with all necessary supporting documentation and they help you along the way to build a strong application. Being able to ask the lawyer or consultant questions that you may not be sure about during this process is another benefit of retaining them to assist in this process. Most of all, you know the application is the completed correctly the first time.

Finally, if you retain us for a consultation, we may discount a portion of the consultant fee from the price.

Permanent Residency Lawyer: Consultation Made Easy

We want to help you with your application. We are happy to do the complete application for you or just a consultation.  So if interested in being a landed immigrant, connect with the Kahane Law Immigration Legal team now. Reach us at 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.