Changing Your Address Registered At Land Titles

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Changing Your Address On Your Legal Title to Land is Important!

Each title to land that is registered at the Land Title Office of Alberta must include a physical address. This address does not have to be the address of the property that the land title is for. Often people use another address depending on their needs. See below, there are many times where the address should not be the address of the title. The Calgary lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with real estate address changes on your land title.

Why The Address On Your Land Title Is Important

The physical address that is registered on the Albertaland title to your home is important because any legal notice that is sent to you from the land titles office, will be sent to the address registered on the Alberta land title to your home. Sending these notices to the address that is registered is deemed to have been received by you. This means that if you did not receive the notice, you can still be noted in default, or lose rights you otherwise would have. This is why real estate address changes are important. Examples of notices you may receive include:

  • Foreclosures;
  • Builders’ Liens;
  • Notice of Expropriation;
  • Claims Against Your Home;
  • Writs; and lastly
  • Certificates of Lis Pendens.

The Law About Real Estate Address Changes

Under Alberta law you must file a real estate address change if your address for notice changes. This is found in the Alberta Land Titles Act Section 44(2). Since the Act states that you “shall” notify the Registrar of any changes, you must do this. This law is so important that the Registrar can refuse to register any document that is presented to them for registration if it does not disclose a municipal address. This includes times when an address lacks a competent such as the postal code.

Cost Of A Real Estate Address Change

A real estate address change is not expensive. At Kahane Law Office, we charge $70+GST for you Alberta real estate address changes to update the Alberta land title registration for your property. This includes all the associates costs for land titles for effecting the change of address for you, couriers, and emailing you a final copy of the title when registered. Our clients often prefer for Kahane Law Office to make sure the real estate address changes they need are done right because our fee is nominal considering:

  • The cost of parking downtown
  • Wasted time and parking if the wrong form is used
  • The time to attend at an Alberta land titles office (there are only 2 in Alberta)

When Real Estate Address Changes Are Needed

Key times come up when you land titles addresses need updating. This not only includes when you move. However, these real estate address changes are only needed in a few situations. For example, you need to update your registered address with a real estate address change at land titles when:

  • You move to a new home and you are keeping your existing home;
  • Your registered address is incorrect;
  • You have properties you do not live in (commercial or rental properties) and your address for service changes; and lastly
  • You want your land title notices to go to a different address than registered.

Help Registering You Legal Address For Service At Alberta Land Titles

Let us deal with the hassle of updating your information at the land titles office. We provide fast,often same day, service to start the process for you. The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office help with all Alberta real estate address changes. Fast, free affordable service when you need it. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here for real estate address changes