Ritika Nanda: Student-at-Law at Kahane Law Office

Ritika Nanda

Ritika is a Student-at-Law at Kahane. She is someone who enjoys learning and is committed to make a positive impact in the legal industry. Ritika looks forward to gaining a full breadth of experience from the different practice areas offered at the firm.

Born in India and raised in Calgary, Ritika graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Criminal Justice. Soon after, she attended law school at the University of Alberta. During her time in law school, Ritika was actively involved in various clubs and extra-curriculars. She was a Vice President of the Law Students for Human Rights. As VP, Ritika helped re-invent the club, promote events as the club’s graphic designer, and worked with the other executives to implement “Do Better” Talks to raise awareness of human rights issues in Canada and around the world.  She was also an active member with the Women’s Law Forum and held various roles throughout her years at the University of Alberta as Social Convener, Assistant Speaker Series Co-Ordinator, and Alumni Liaison. For the Women’s Law Forum, Ritika marketed events held by the club to alumni and current students, and hosted various e-events during the Covid-19 pandemic to cultivate a collegial environment with the club’s membership. In addition, Ritika was also a Dancer and Co-Choreographer for the singers for the annual Law Show.

In addition, to her extra curriculars, Ritika was also a research assistant for Professor Anna Lund during the summer of her second year wherein she conducted in-depth legal and social science research on foreclosures and the history of women in the legal academy.

With a passion for helping her community, Ritika now volunteers with the Edmonton Community Legal Center as a remote note-taker for the Family Law Legal Clinic.

Life Outside the Law

When Ritika is not busy working or volunteering, you can often find her behind a camera, choreographing dances, or at a restaurant with her friends and family. She also loves learning languages and is currently learning Spanish and Korean.