How To Create An Alberta Corporation

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Starting Alberta Corporations

Everything we do at Kahane Law Office Edmonton has a focus on making our clients’ lives easier. The first step to starting Alberta Corporations at Kahane Law Office is picking how much support you want. We offer 3 levels of service to assist you with setting up a new Incorporation. Regardless of what level you choose, the first step is to fill out our Incorporation Information Sheet and return it to us by email at [email protected], or by dropping it off at our office at 10455 84 Avenue NW, Edmonton T6E 2H3.

Where To Start?

We make starting Alberta corporations easy and affordable. The first step is to Click here to download our Incorporation Information Sheet in pdf format. This document will help you provide us with all of the information we need in order to help you create your new corporation.

Why Starting Alberta Corporations Is Important

Many reasons exist as to why starting Alberta corporations is important for business owners. For example, these reasons include:

  • Tax deferrals;
  • Income splitting;
  • Liability protection;
  • Increased options when selling the business; and lastly
  • A structure to include new owners or investors.

For more information on the benefits of incorporation, we refer you to the linked pages.

3 Levels Of Service

In order to allow our clients the option to decide between cost effectiveness and increased support, when it comes to starting Alberta corporations, we offer a variety of packages. For example, the 3 levels of service for creating a new corporation are:

Bronze Package ($1,400) – the bare basics for properly starting Alberta Corporations:

  1. 1x NUANS (name) search;
  2. Name review;
  3. Basic share structure (suitable for corporations that do not need more than one class of shares);
  4. Registration of your new Incorporation; and
  5. Report explaining the responsibilities of corporate directors and officers, and the requirements for basic corporate governance.

Silver Package ($1,700) – includes everything from the Bronze package, plus:

  1. 30 minute initial consultation (click here to book the Silver initial consultation);
  2. Full “standard” share structure (suitable for corporations that need voting, non-voting, and preferred shares);
  3. Minute Book (with all documents required upon incorporation);
  4. Corporate Seal (enables you to sign documents on behalf of the corporation);
  5. Free Notarial services for 1 year; and
  6. Kahane Law Office as your registered office for 1 year.

Gold Package ($2,100) – includes everything from the Silver package, plus:

  1. 60 minute initial consultation (instead of only 30 minutes) (click here to book the Gold initial consultation);
  2. 2x NUANS name searches if required (instead of only 1);
  3. Annual Corporate Maintenance for the first year (filing your annual corporate returns and preparing your annual directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions, updating your minute book); and
  4. 10% discount on corporate legal services for 1 year (except litigation).

NOTE: Prices for starting Alberta corporations do not include GST or disbursements except where indicated. If additional services are required, additional fees will apply. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Then What?

Once you decide which package you would like and return the completed Incorporation Information Sheet, your lawyer will review it and we will let you know if we have any further questions. If all is in order, we will provide you with our Legal Services Agreement, which you must sign and return to us with the deposit (retainer) so that we can get to work on creating your new incorporation.

If you have any trouble with the Incorporation Information Sheet, or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us by email ([email protected]) or by giving us a call at (780)571-8463.

Steps AFTER Starting Alberta Corporations

After you create your new corporation you have a legal requirement to file annual reports and hold annual shareholders’ and directors’ meetings (or pass resolutions in lieu of holding meetings). These filings and meeting minutes (or resolutions) must be available to the public during regular working hours at the “Registered Office” of the corporation. These documents are kept along with the other important corporate documents in the corporate minute book.

If you fail to file your annual corporate returns your corporation will be struck from the register (declared deceased). You may be able to “resurrect” the corporation if you act quickly enough to do so, but the best policy is to stay on top of these annual requirements.

How Kahane Law Office Helps With Starting Alberta Corporations

Of course, we help with these legal requirements. We can act as your Registered Office by holding your minute book and forwarding any mail we receive for you, and we can prepare and file the corporate annual returns on your behalf. We can also prepare the required directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions for you to sign, and add the signed resolutions to your minute book in order to keep it up to date.

Call Now To Get Started

Anyone thinking of starting Alberta corporations should avoid delaying any longer. We want to help. Send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 780-571-8463 to get started right away on setting up your new corporation.