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Termination Pay Calculators do not protect you!

Maximizing Your Termination and/Or Severance Pay In Alberta

Termination pay calculators are tools to help you determine what is a fair severance package for you. There are problems with these calculators. They are a culmination of averages. You are NOT an average. The termination pay lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta (403-225-8810) work to maximize your severance pay. Termination pay calculators do not replace a legal opinion and here is why:

More Severance Pay / More Money For You!

When you factor in specific individual reasons to increase severance pay, you will usually come out ahead compared to when you use a severance pay or termination pay calculator. For example, one of our clients was part of a group termination when a company was eliminating one of its’ regional sections. On average, using termination pay calculators, employees were receiving a 2-3 weeks per year as severance termination pay. Our client approached his employer with information from our written legal opinion. Given all the factors that the opinion letter set out, our client received severance pay equal to 6 months vs. the 6 weeks originally offered. While this situation had a better-than-average outcome, such is the power of a written legal opinion.

Termination Pay Calculator Vs. Written Legal Opinion

When you approach an employer armed with information from a written legal opinion, they know two things. First, they know that you are serious as you invested in yourself and actually know your rights. The fact that you have retained a lawyer to look at your situation tells an employer that you are taking your severance pay calculations seriously. You are doing more than looking for a termination pay calculator online. Second, there are many aspects of severance pay calculations that termination pay calculators do not address. Depending on your position in the company and how long you have been there, these aspects can mean increases in severance pay of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Know your rights before you walk away from them.

How Much is a Severance Package Legal Opinion?

The Alberta government has a process for filing employment complaints but they do not act to increase your severance pay above the legal minimums. We offer flat rate fees when we act for you. Our fees vary depending on your position in a company but a review and opinion letter will cost under $1000. For this you get:

  • One on one consultation with an employment lawyer
  • A complete review of your employment and termination situation (not a termination pay calculator program)
  • A written legal opinion as to why you deserve more or direction that what is being offered should be accepted immediately and why
  • Guidance on how to best approach your meeting with your employer on increasing your severance pay
  • Option to enter into our negotiated settlement program where you only pay us a percentage of any increase we secure for you.

Protect Yourself and Call Today

Most companies give you a limited time to accept their offers. It is important to act quickly. We act for you unlike a termination pay calculator which does not look at your specific situation. The termination pay lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta are here to help. Call 403-225-8810 or email today to contact us.