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Life Changes? Calgary Will Review Lawyers

Will Review Lawyers In Calgary, Alberta

The will review lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta know that the first question that a financial planner asks is “Do you have a will?” The second question they ask if you do have one is “Is your will up to date?” A will is an essential part of being financially responsible. It can be the cornerstone of a financial plan. It also makes the lives of loved ones much easier when you pass away. This is an emotional and stressful time for anyone who has lost a loved one. Having a will review lawyer go over your will creates peace of mind for yourself and your family. Call to learn how we can help 403-225-8810.

When You Should Review Your Will

There are some milestones in life that identify that it is time for you to review your will. You do not need will review lawyers to decide if it is time to review your will. Our wills & estates lawyers can help but you should take 10 minutes every 2-5 years to review your will. If any of the following have occurred, it may be time to have a will review layer make a change to your will:

  • Marriage
  • Adoption or birth of a child
  • Adoption or birth of a grandchild
  • Your children reach 18 years of age
  • Engagement
  • Marriage
  • Living common law
  • Separation from a spouse
  • Divorce
  • Death of a beneficiary
  • Acquisition of major assets
  • Disposal of major assets
  • Starting or buying a small business
  • Break down of a relationship with family member or friend
  • On retirement (or as you approach retirement)
  • Death of an executor
  • Death of a guardian
  • Executor or guardian move away
  • Bad health
  • Loan or gift to a beneficiary
  • You have moved
  • Financial setbacks
  • Changes in the law
  • You want to give to a charity
  • You want to change who gets a specific item

What Calgary Lawyers Look For In a Will Review

The will review lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary will look at the above factors. If there have been any such changes, we will ask you if and how you would like to change your will. In addition to these factors we will also look at:

If Your Will Is Self Proving

When a person probates an estate, there are certain documents that are needed. These documents have to be signed by the people who first witnessed your will. We will make sure they are in place

Review Your Will for Proper Execution

While we may not have been present when you signed your will, our will review lawyers can ask you the questions that will determine if your will was executed properly.

Missing Clauses in Your Will

One of the things that will review lawyers look for is if there are certain fundamental clauses missing from your will. These clauses being missing may be from poor will drafting, a will being drafted in another jurisdiction or simply your life has changed. Missing clauses can also include testamentary trusts.

Ensure Your Will Reflects Your Wishes

Before reviewing your will, a will review lawyer in Calgary will always ask you what your intentions are. While we review your will, we will look to see if your will accurately reflects what you want to happen with your estate.

Is Your Will Still Valid

Provincial law creates some situations where your will stops being valid. Under these circumstances, it is as if you do not have a will. Our will review lawyers understand the recent changes in the law relating to wills and estates. If your will is no longer valid, our wills & estates lawyers can help.

Mistakes Happen in Wills

Lastly, our will review lawyers will go over your will to make sure there are not any typos or general mistakes. While a typo may only be the addition of a letter or a word, those letters or words can have a huge impact. For instance, the addition of the word “not” completely changes the meaning of a sentence. Those are three powerful letters.

The Process When Will Review Lawyers Identify Changes

If, when reviewing your life circumstances or reviewing your will with a will review lawyer, you decide that you need to make changes, the process is easy. We will go over your options with you. If there are minor changes required, we will suggest a codicil. A codicil is a legal way (the only legal way: Learn more) to make changes to an existing will.

If, on review, your will requires more substantial changes, we will suggest the drafting of a new will. This not only is a cheaper option if there are many changes, but it also avoids confusion or problems with the will on probate. Unclear wills is one of the factors that leads to estate litigation.

Saving Money With Your Will

If you had a change in life events as listed above, you may not need to pay a lawyer to review your will. If you decide to draft a new will, you will save the cost of a will review.

Getting the Help of Will Review Lawyers

The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta can help with your will review legal needs. Wills have very long term implications and you should have proper advice. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached at 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.