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Lawyer reviews, lawyer recommendations and testimonials about lawyers often say more about that lawyer and their ability to service client needs. Everyone wants to retain the best Lawyers in Calgary or elsewhere. It is easy for a lawyer to say they do this or that or their law firm is the best. An independent lawyer reviews or recommendations says more. We are appreciative of the time our clients take to send thank you cards, and write written testimonials. At Kahane Law Office we are proud of the level of service we offer.

I am proud to say we get comments like these often. What is nice is that many of our clients come back year after year. This means that we get to know them as people. Here are a few more memorable comments that people have sent us. Some send thank you letters, others write more formal testimonials. We always appreciate feedback. Lawyer reviews help us know if we are on track and where we can improve.

What Our Clients Have Said To Us

We love when we get thank you cards for a job well done!

Jeff and his staff are one of a kind. They are hardworking and get the job done better than we ever hoped for. They should be the first stop for anyone needing legal help.” – Jim T.

Because you truly are the best real estate law firm. No other words needed :-)” Jamie W.

“We’ve used Kahane Law for several matters, both personal and business, and have found them to be very effective, friendly and professional. We’d recommend them to anyone!” Jesse A.

You need to offer your services across the province. It is hard to find lawyers you can trust.” Allison M.

Thank you so much for your guidance and help with my legal troubles. Your kindness and support were so greatly appreciated when i needed it most. Than you again.” -Mike B.

Recommended Lawyer Reviews on Yelp

Learn more about the experience that our Yelp followers had. Lawyer reviews such as this are appreciated and let people know that they are retaining a firm they can trust. Click here to read several recent reviews.

LinkedIn Recommendations and Law Firm Reviews

Please click here for the lawyer reviews as posted on LinkedIn.

Finding the Best Calgary Lawyers and the Best Calgary Law Firm

It is important to not only look for the best lawyers in Calgary but a lawyer you can trust. Our Clients have told us time and time again that they trust the service and experience at Kahane Law Office. When you pick who you hope is the Best law firm in Calgary, how do you do it? Reading the experiences of others helps. While each file and client is different, you need to look for consistency. More people today are using the internet to find the best Calgary lawyers (or any other goods or services for that matter). Call today as see how we can help you.

Future Lawyer Reviews

Please check back to read more current lawyer reviews. Your experience is always appreciated. Staying at our best as lawyers means never becoming complacent. We want to always improve and offer the best legal service we can. With your feedback and lawyer reviews, we can stay at the top of our game and offer exceptional service to our clients.

To send us any comments, suggestions or way we can improve on our level of service or to see how we can help you please contact our experienced team at Kahane Law Office. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or
email us directly here.

Kahane Law Office Best in Law Awards:

  • Top Choice Award: Best Calgary Real Estate Law Firm 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Top Choice Award: Best Calgary Family Law Firm 2013
  • Calgary Choice Awards: Best Employer In Calgary (Small Business) 2011
  • Business In Calgary Magazine: Leaders of Tomorrow
  • CalgaryInc Magazine: Best Places to Work
  • (We believe happy staff make for a positive client experience.)
  • Government of Alberta: Centennial Medal of Honour (Contribution to community)