Why Corporate Agreements & Contracts are Important

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Business Contract Lawyers in Calgary

Business contracts and corporate agreements when properly drafted help protect you and your business. They properly set out the rights and obligations of co-owners, suppliers, clients and any person or entity that does business with you company.

Every business has assets. Some of the business assets are tangible. You can see and touch them. These include its key employees, its business premises (leased or owned), its employees and its inventory and equipment. Other business assets are not tangible. These include its good will, intellectual property (such as trademarks and client databases), websites, and names. The problem with business assets is if they are not protects, they can be lost. Protect your business with business contracts or corporate agreements. Start protecting your company today. Call Kahane Law Office (A Calgary, Alberta law firm) at 403-225-8810.

Protect Your Assets: Have Legal Corporate Agreements Drafted

When you hire a lawyer at Kahane law to draft your corporate contracts or business agreements, we start with one questions: What do you need. Our job is to ensure that all the rights, obligations and expectations are clear and set out in an easy to understand way. Uncertainty in contracts can often lead to a court room. We work within the governments business contract laws in Canada and Alberta

Types of Business Contracts & Corporate Agreements Kahane Law Lawyers Draft

“Short, One Page Corporate Contracts / Business Agreements”

Clients will often say that they only want a short, one paged agreement. This request is usually made for one of two reasons. First, the client thinks that it will be less expensive. Second, they do not want to scare away a client or potential investor/partner. The issue with a one page agreement is that they lack the details that a full properly drafted agreement contains. We will draft a properly drafted business contract and the go through it with our client. We give them the option of deleting the terms that they do not think are important. In reality, they rarely do.

Corporate Agreement, Business Contract Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta

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