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Non-Disclosure Agreements to Protect Your Confidential Information in Calgary, Alberta

Non-Disclosure Agreements in Calgary, Alberta

Non-disclosure agreements are often misunderstood. Non-disclosure agreements are sometime simply referred to as NDA or NDAS. In today’s information age, it is important for individuals and companies to protect sensitive or valuable information. The lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta are able to help draft a non-disclosure agreement that suits your specific needs.

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract between two or more people and/or corporations. It is a specific agreement that confidential information may not be disclosed outside those allowed under the agreement. Breaching a non-disclosure agreement can lead to significant financial damages. The agreement sets out which information is to be protected.

What Is Confidential Information In An NDA?

Each non-disclosure agreement is different. When the lawyers at Kahane Law Office draft a non-disclosure agreement, we do not use a one agreement fits all situation approach. Our clients determine what is confidential information. Confidential information can be very broad or extremely specific. This information is often referred to as intellectual property. Examples of confidential information that our non-disclosure agreements have protected include:

  • secret recipes
  • website traffic analytics
  • corporate financial information
  • business ideas
  • business systems
  • employee personal information
  • the location of a dig relating to dinosaur bones.

When is a Non-Disclosure Agreement Used?

Non-disclosure agreements are most often used when a business (or item such as a website or relic or recipe) is being sold. Canadian businesses should use caution to protect their assets, which include intellectual property, with a non disclosure agreement. The non-disclosure agreements allows a potential buyer to take a close look at the business or thing that they are buying. It allows them to complete their due diligence so that they can make an informed decision regarding such a purchase. While a seller would normally be cautious about disclosing this information, a non-disclosure agreement helps protect the seller. This is especially true when a competitor is looking to buy the business of a rival.

Why a Lawyer For Drafting NDAs?

People sometimes ask “why hire a lawyer for drafting a non-disclosure agreement?”. The internet if full of information and templates (that may or may not be enforceable in a particular jurisdiction) There are four main reasons:

  1. NDA Cost: Kahane Law Office offers NDA drafting at a flat rate in most cases. Our fees are affordable and reasonable.
  2. Drafted for YOU!: Our non-discloser agreements are drafted specifically for your specific needs.
  3. Insurance & Local: We stand by our legal work. If we fail, we are insured and right here. We are not an offshore website who can disappear.
  4. Legal Advice: We do not draft in a vacuum. There may be essential things you need to know to better protect yourself.

Finding Non-Disclosure Agreement Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta

The non-disclosure agreement Lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with your non-disclosure contract and/or confidentiality agreement legal needs. Our corporate lawyer team can help draft or interpret agreements and our litigation lawyers can help defend them. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.