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Know Your Family Law Legal Fee Before You Start!

Family law legal fees at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta. We offer flat rates so you know your family law legal fees before you retain a lawyer. Transparency, honestly and integrity should be key to any relationship anyone has with a lawyer. This is why we post our fees. We are professionals who know our business and can tell you what it will cost in family legal fees. We are also here to speak with you if you call 403-225-8810.

Our Flat Rate Family Law Legal Fees

Uncontested Divorce Flat Rate Fee
Simple Divorce (no children, no spousal support) $1,749.00
Divorce With Children OR Spousal $2,249.00
Divorce With Children & Support $2,500.00
Severance Divorce $2,000.00
Separation Agreement Flat Rate Fee
Property Agreement Only $1,999.00
Property with Children OR Spousal Support $2,750.00
Property, Spousal & Child Support $3,000.00
Joint Divorce Flat Rate Fee
Simple Divorce (no children, no spousal support) $2,000.00
Divorce With Children OR Spousal Support $2,500.00
Divorce With Children & Support $3,000.00
Cohabitation Agreement / Prenuptial Agreement Flat Rate Fee
Property Agreement Only $1,999.00
Property & Spousal Waiver $2,499.00
Property & Spousal Terms $2,750.00
Combined Cohabitation & Prenup Agreement add $1,000 to above

There are set factors that will determine what your flat rate will be. Children, location of other party, and other situational factors come into play. Our family law legal fees* start at the above rates**

For all the above, GST and Disbursements are not included in the above legal fees.

Family Law ILA: Independent Legal Advice

For a more specific quote please call to speak with a lawyer. A rough guide is as follows:
  • Cohabitation / Prenup $1,000 – $1,500 range (Only done by a lawyer with 6+ years experience due to complexity of law)
  • Separation Agreement $750 – $1,000 range

*The above fees represent the initial flat fee for each service. The flat fee may increase, depending on complexity of the issues and any necessary additional drafting time. Any increase in the flat fee will be discussed with the client in advance.

**The above fees include the cost to draft and execute the necessary documents with the client. Any additional time spent negotiating a settlement, exchange or reviewing financials or any additional work, may result in the charge of additional fees.

Family Law Consultations

The matrimonial law lawyers at Kahane Law Office offer family law consultations billed hourly for only the time spent consulting with the lawyer. This link will direct you to the flat rate family law consultation page.

Why all Family Law Matters Cannot be Flat Rate

Unfortunately, with conflict, there is uncertainty in how long or the requirements to finalize a matter. Lawyers bill their family law legal fees based on time. For uncontested matters we know the time it will take to help you. Couples can disagree and change their minds repeatedly with contested issues. While we respect that people should strive for the outcome they desire, these matters do not fit into a flat rate situation.

What Our Family Law Legal Fees Include

The above flat rate family law legal fees include our easy to use information questionnaire, a pre-drafting meeting to go over your family law questionnaire (where required), drafting all the requisite documents requested and a final meeting to review, explain and sign the documents. These family law legal fees are for the majority of uncontested family law matters. If your specific situation does not fit into our flat rate family law legal fees structure, we will let you know in advance of you owing us anything. If your matter changes from a uncontested flat rate situation to one where we negotiate or deal with conflicts, we always advise you of a fee change prior to you incurring extra fees. This is our commitment to you.

Things Not Included In Our Fees

In uncontested situations our fees are firm. If there is or if it becomes conflicted, there may be additional charges. We let you know in advance, but some of the things not included are: service on an individual (we do not charge for service made at our office), ordering marriage certificates, negotiations, court appearances, re-drafting of documents because of changing agreements and independent legal advice. You are also responsible for disbursements (court filing fee, court runners, etc. We will explain everything to you.).

Understanding Family Law Legal Fees

We try to be very clear about what our fees include. If you have any questions about what is included, do not hesitate to ask. Many people think that their situation is extremely complicated and that they do not fit not a flat rate legal fee situation. With family law legal fees we will know if your situation does or does not. If they do, the flat rate fee will be determined by the complexity and elements involved. For

example, if more work is required due to situations with children compared when couples do not have children. Our experience is that most people do fit into our affordable family law legal fee structure. This is something that the Law Society encourages all lawyers to do regarding their fees.

Payment Of Family Law Legal Fees

When retained by a new family law client, we require a retainer when we start acting for you. Retainers and other payments are payable by cash, cheque, bank draft, debit or credit card. We hold retainers in trust and we use them to pay family law legal fees only after we render the service to you. For non-flat rate fee areas of family law, we will let you know if we require further retainer as your matter progresses. The family law legal center has more information on family law.

Discounts For The Military And Veterans

We, at Kahane Law Office, in Calgary, appreciate and we value the effort, hard work and sacrifice that the our Canadian Armed Forces member make (or made) for Canadians and many others around the world. We are happy to extend you veteran & military discounts (please learn more here).

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