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Work Permits in Canada

In general, work permits are needed whenever non-Canadians wish to work in Canada. This protects both Canadians and non-Canadians alike. Work permits are needed if you are seeking to work in Canada for a temporary (short term) period. People also need proper authorization to come to work if you are an employer in Canada wanting to hire a foreign employee on a temporary basis. There are some very narrow and specific exceptions to this rule. Our team with office in both Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta help outline the requirements for you to see if you qualify for a Canadian work permit. The government of Canada has rules for who needs a work permit to work in Canada. Connect with Kahane Law today to start the process to come to work in Canada 403-225-8810.

Types of work permits available in Canada

The experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services helps you apply for a number of the available work permits, including open work permits. From time to programs exist between Canada specific countries to make getting a work permit easier such as the Canada – Columbia Free Trade AgreementSpecial programs also exist for certain professions such as doctors. We help both employers and potential employees to secure the required authorization to come to work in Canada. Some of the different types of permits available in Canada include:

    • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Permits;
    • General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) Permits;
    • Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) Permits;
    • Intra-Company Transfers; and lastly
    • Information Technology (IT) Permits.

Qualifying For Work Permits In Canada

To come to Canada to work, you need a permit. Often people looking to work in Canada need to meet specific requirements. We review your entire situation to ensure that you apply for the best option available to ensure you receive your ability to come to Canada.  For example, the following requirements exist in some circumstances:

Labour Market Opinion requirements

Sometimes, employers seeking to hire foreign workers may need to obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion from Service Canada prior to applying for a work permit. The process can be hard and complicated due to complex laws and changing regulations and forms. Our team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services is skilled at guiding our clients through the Labour Market Opinion process. We also help in finding any applicable exemptions to the Labour Market Opinion. These work permits without LMIAs often make for easier entry into Canada.

Interview and medical requirements

Many of these processes are complex and involve a number of steps, including interviews and medical examinations. Let our team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services guide you through this complex process and get you the results you desire. Failing to meet these requirements often keeps people from their potential working position in Canada.

Turning work permits into permanent residency or citizenship

Some clients who come to Canada on a Temporary Work Permits decide that they want to stay in Canada after their temporary status expires. If necessary, we can also help with your work permit renewal or extension. If you want to get permanent resident status in Canada, let our immigration team help you. Lastly, we help you in taking the work status you have in Canada from short-term temporary Work Permits, to eventually getting Permanent Residency.

The Process To Secure Your Permit

The first step is to call or email for a consultation. The consultation allows us to evaluate your entire situation and determine the best program and course of action for you. We then, let you decide if you want to apply on your own or if you want us to apply for you. Lastly, we also offer consultations to review your application to guide you as to how to improve the application. If you live outside of Canada, we offer online immigration related consultations as well as consultations over the phone.

Help With Work Permits For Canada In Edmonton And Calgary

We strive to help people with all their immigration needs. Need help determining the best way to come to Canada to work? We help. Above all, learn the best approach to your personal situation. Contact the experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services. In Edmonton call (780) 571-8463 and in Calgary call 403-225-8810 or toll-free from anywhere in North America at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.