Helping Doctors Come To Canada With Permits

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Doctors Moving to Canada

Canadian work permits for doctors to move to Canada are available. It is possible for doctors to move to Canada and work in many cases thanks to two different programs. The Canadian immigration programs, as well as Canadian temporary foreign worker programs. Those who are not citizens of Canada or permanent residents need to have a Canadian work permit in order to work in Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration of Canada offers work permits to let foreign nationals work in Canada on a temporary basis. They allow this for a variety of different professions, but getting a permit is not always as straightforward as one might think. This includes Canadian work permits for doctors. If you need more information on Canadian work permits for doctors, call 403-225-8810 or (780) 571-8463. Both Edmonton and Calgary offices help.

Getting Canadian Work Permits for Doctors

For example, in order for the doctors to receive a Canadian work permit, their prospective employers in Canada will have to apply to the Human Resources and Skills Development/Service Canada for a LMO, or Labour Market Opinion. Canadian work permits for doctors are similar to all other work permits for Canada in this regard. Among other things, the LMO ensures that the doctor is actually necessary and that no Canadian doctors could provide the same services. Naturally, the government would want employers to provide jobs to current citizens of Canada whenever possible. Since this is not always possible, and since they may want to have a specialist on staff, they can apply for the LMO in order to bring in a foreign doctor. The Canadian work permit for a doctor to move to Canada will only be granted on this basis.

Once the employer receives a positive LMO, it is then possible to apply for the work permit for a doctor through a Canadian visa office. Doing so still involves a number of requirements though.

Normal Factors Still Apply

Doctors still have to meet certain other criteria before they are able to receive their work permit in Canada. For example, they need to be in good health, and they cannot have a criminal record. They also need to meet all of their eligibility requirements. Those who are providing patient care will have to go through a medical examination first. Medical training equivalency will vary from country of origin to country of origin. This is why it is important to determine what specific requirements will need to be met before a foreign doctor can practice in Canada. These and other factors are mandatory when applying for Canadian work permits for doctors.

Once they have everything in order, and receive their work permit, they will be allowed to work in Canada. It can take a long time to go through the process, depending on a variety of factors unique to each individual. Those who are considering working in Canada will want to start the process as soon as they are able in order to make it as smooth and seamless as possible. This often necessitates the use of a professional. The lawyers and immigration support team at Kahane Law Office can help.

Moving Permanently to Canada to Work as a Doctor

Some doctors who want to work in Canada want to make it a permanent move. It is possible for those temporary workers in Canada who are from another country to apply for permanent residence. Granted they meet certain immigration categories. They may eventually even wish to become citizens of Canada. Once again, if this is something the doctor is considering, it is important to have help from an attorney who understands the complex matter of immigration in Canada.

Help for Foreign Doctors wishing to Practice in Canada

When you need Canadian work permits for doctors as a heath group, as an employer who is trying to get help for an employee to come to Canada, or as an individual doctor looking to move to Canada, do not try to do it alone. Instead, it makes far more sense to work with a legal professional who has experience in the field of immigration and work permits for professionals. Different professions and even different areas can have different rules and legal requirements. Trying to navigate these alone can be extraordinarily difficult. Mistakes at any stage of the application process can slow down or even deny they application.

Our lawyers help with Canadian work permits for doctors, LOMs and other paperwork. This will ensure that the application is submitted in a way to maximize the likelihood of success. We work with you to help yo move to Canada to practice as a doctor. Contact the experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services. Call 403-225-8810, (780) 571-8463 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.