Real Estate Lawyers In Calgary

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Real Estate Lawyers for Buyers

Real Estate Lawyers are need when buying a home in Calgary. Watch our video to see why you need a real estate lawyer. Here is what to expect from a real estate lawyer when buying a home in Calgary and all Alberta. This is a basic outline, so talk to your real estate lawyer for details. We have also outlined the step to buying a home for your ease of reference. Call today for more help 403-225-8810.

Real Estate lawyer Fees

Know what you are spending. Kahane Law Office is transparent with their set fees. They are not “estimates” for regular transactions. Our fees are transparent and accurate. They include usual disbursements for a standard transaction. They are on our website here so you can learn more.

Before Your Real Estate Lawyer is Involved

You normally pick the home you are buying before seeing a real estate lawyer. In Calgary, and Alberta, you will need mortgage approval before you enter the contract or during the real estate purchase contract condition period. We can even help organize a bare trust before you buy, if you are buying on behalf of your corporation.

Your Real Estate Purchase Contract Lawyer

If desired, there are two options for your lawyer to review the real estate purchase contract. Review before you sign it. Until you sign it, there are no legal obligations under that contract. Instead, add a ”lawyer review” condition to the contract. This means that until you waive that condition, there is no contract. If you need a lawyer to draft your contract, then our lawyers can help with real estate contract drafting as well.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Alberta

It is important to tell both your real estate agent and your mortgage specialist (if applicable) which real estate lawyer you are using. Lawyers require both documents, ideally, 10 days before possession so there is time to draft all the paperwork. Feel free to send the contract yourself to the real estate lawyer. We can do last minute deals but there may be extra costs for rushes.

Appointments with Your Real Estate Lawyer

Your real estate lawyer should call for your appointment a week to 10 days prior to possession. At this meeting you will sign all the documents for the purchase and the mortgage. You will need to bring a certified cheque/bank draft to cover your down payment and closing costs. Do not forget that you will need two pieces of ID. One must be government issued photo ID.

What Your Real Estate Lawyer Does

Real Estate Legal Searches

Before getting started, understanding the legal registrations on title is key. Therefore, our first step is to do tax and title searches on the home to learn of any problems.

Document Drafting

The real estate lawyer will draft all the documents required for buying your home and many of the mortgage documents. These also include the tenancy at will agreement. You will then be called to sign the real estate purchase documents.

Real Estate Mortgage Lawyer

Your real estate lawyer will then send the documents to land titles and request mortgage money for the possession date.

Getting Possession

Once completed as required, your real estate lawyer will send funds to the sellers’ lawyer and request the release of keys. The sellers’ real estate agent will release the keys to your real estate agent who will then do a walk-through with you.


The last step is to send you and the mortgage lender an initial and then final report on the transaction. This can take some time, so if there are any documents you require immediately, let your real estate lawyer know.

Real Estate Lawyer Flat Rate Fees: Value & Peace of Mind

Kahane Law Office real estate lawyers in Calgary, Alberta do most residential purchases on a flat rate basis. Our flat rate fees ensure that clients know what they will be charged for a standard transaction before they hire us. Please see our flat rate fees for details. Call 403-225-8810 or email today to contact us.