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Example of a Land Title Certificate in Alberta

Pulling Your Land Title Property Registry

Completing a land titles search is neither hard nor expensive. The land titles search for real estate gives you important information regarding a property. They also allow you to get specific information about registrations on a property. Land Titles records are maintained by the Alberta Government. Kahane Law Office, with offices in both Calgary and Edmonton offer Land Titles property searches at flat rates. The advantage of using our service over a registry, is that we are a law firm and have the ability to offer legal advice and direction when needed.

How To Do A Land Titles Search

The easiest way for you to do a land titles search is for you to send us an email. If you want to save money, send us the legal description of the property. The legal description is the “Plan, Block, Lot”. This is a set of three numbers or combination of numbers and letters. For a condominium, we need the Condominium plan number as well as the legal unit (no the municipal number on the front door) of the condo. Without these numbers, there is a slight in increase in cost as we then need to order a tax certificate with the legal description on it.

How To Find Your Legal Description In Alberta

There are several ways to find your legal description for a Land Titles Search. The easiest way is if you have an old copy of your title. It will be on the top left of the title. See the image on this page for an example. Alternatively, if you have your tax invoice from your city or other municipality. That document includes your legal description. Lastly, other documents that include your legal description include, for example, a real property report, a copy of your mortgage, paperwork from when you bought your property.

Cost And Payment Of Land Titles Searches

We accept payments by e-transfer or credit card authorization so for this service you never need to leave the comfort of your home or digital device. We then email you the title.  Since all registrations at the Alberta Land Titles Office are public records, anyone is permitted to complete a Land Titles search on anyone else’s property. For just the land titles search, we charge $75. To do this, we require the legal description. If we require a tax certificate, the cost varies depending on the municipality where the property is located. For example, these range from $20-$45.

Do It Yourself Land Titles Searches

When The Alberta Land Titles Offices are open to the public, you may complete your own land title search. You must attend in person and pay the government fee. If you include the cost of parking, hiring a law firm to complete the search for you is quicker, easier and about the same cost (or less). The two locations in Alberta include:

The Calgary Location

The Calgary Land Titles Office location is in the Service Alberta Building. Address: 710 4 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0K. This location services Southern Alberta.

The Edmonton Location

The Edmonton Land Titles Office location is in the John E Brownlee Building: Address: 10365 97 Street , Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3W7. This location services Northern Alberta

Types Of Land Titles Searches

Our law firm has the ability to complete Land Titles Searches for several types of registered documents. Each type of title offers different information. For example, these include:

  • Current copies of title;
  • Historical titles;
  • Cancelled titles;
  • Life Interest titles;
  • Leasehold Interest titles;
  • Mineral rights; and lastly
  • Any specific registered document on title.

Key Information On A Land Title Certificate

Land titles searches show specific information. Many reason exist for people to access this information. Further, the information on the title forms a part of a public record. Consequently, this means that any member of the public has the ability to request these records. Apart from document registrations as outlined below, each title shows the following information:

  • Name of legal owner(s);
  • How title is held (Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common);
  • The date of the last transfer and the consideration paid;
  • The declared value of the property; and lastly
  • The address for service for the property owners.

Documents Registered On Alberta Property Titles

Tens of thousands of documents are registered at the Alberta Land Titles Office each year. When registered, a document registration number is assigned to the document. To access a copy of any particular registered documents, we simply need that document registration number. While some old registrations have a different numbering system, currently all registrations receive a nine-digit number. We use that number to access the document. When you complete Land Titles Searches, any documents registered against that property are listed. For example, the following include just some of the types of documents that may appear on title. For a more complete list of title registrations in Alberta, along with a description of what they mean, please use this link.

Order Your Land Titles Search Today

Our Edmonton and Calgary law firm offices perform these searches when you need them. If you require a Land Titles search or any document registered on title, please email us. This is the fastest way for us to provide this service. Please email us your legal description. if unknown, let us know and we will let you know the cost of the additional search needed to order title. We then arrange for payment and provide the service for you. Lastly, please send your email to us here directly for any title search for any property in Alberta.