Consultations For Eligibility To Move To Canada

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Consultations for Eligibility to Move to Canada

Many people think about moving to Canada. Canadian immigration laws offer a variety of ways to move to Canada. Programs exist for people with skilled and unskilled jobs, moving to live with family again, and people who just want to live in one of the world’s best countries. Deciding which program is best for an individual, is the start of a long process. Each Canadian government program has its only set of rules and procedures that people must follow. In other words, Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations take the guesswork out of moving to Canada. Kahane Law Office is happy to assist in determining your best course of action.

Options For Moving To Canada

We provide Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations to review your to move to Canada. We offer consultations via phone or Skype for those not in Canada. If you’re in Canada we would be happy to meet in person in Calgary for a consultation. We  review the temporary and permanent Canadian immigration options available which will help you to achieve your long term immigration goals.  Whether you are thinking of moving and working in Canada, or visiting family, we provide you with in depth comment on the requirements and support documentation to achieve your immigration goals.

Benefits Of Consultations With Immigration Lawyers

Multiple benefits exist for Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations. Even simple student visa applications can be confusing. We sort through your options and let you know what the requirements are. We help avoid roadblocks to successful applications as well. Further, many clients use one or two consultation to help them complete their own applications. This save the client time, money and frustrations.

Eligible To Move To Canada As A Temporary Or Permanent Resident?

We provide a review and feedback on these questions for your personal situation in Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations. After that, in our personalized consultations, we review of your personal profile (age, marital status, country of residence, current and past work experience, language abilities, education, other family members in Canada) and provide a review of your potential options to move to Canada based on the various programs available. We also review if anything prevent you from moving to Canada, and options to fix that, if there are.

People With Previous Refusals Of Entry To Canada

During Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations we address any previous application refusals. In most cases, a previous refusal should be addressed in future applications. We provide comment on the best way to address or rebut the reasons for previous refusals. Adding appropriate comments on your previous refusal can help to minimize the influence a previous refusal will have on future applications.  A refusal does not prevent you from submitting a subsequent Canadian immigration application. In addition, we help you with comments on how to maximize the likelihood of success of your next application.

Your Application To Move To Canada

In our Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations, we review forms, supporting documentation, and information required to successfully submit various immigration applications based on the strategy most suited to your qualifications and goals. We will provide a follow up email with resources to assist you in taking next steps in the application(s) discussed. Above all, if you hire us to complete an application on your behalf, we will discount your application by a portion of what you paid for the consultation.

Benefits Of Lawyer Completing Your Application

The lawyers and consultants complete your entire application if you choose to hire us following the consultation. This is very beneficial because they are responsible for your application from start to finish. They use their expertise and knowledge to ensure the government is provided all necessary supporting documentation and they help you build a strong application. People generally save time and frustrations by hiring an immigration lawyer to complete the process for them.

Asking the lawyer or consultant questions that you may not be sure about during this process is another benefit of retaining them to assist in this process. After Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations, if retained to complete your application, we discount part of the consultant fee from the price. As a general rule, it is better for us to complete your immigration application properly the first time, than for you to have it after you have been rejected 2-3 times.

Canadian Immigration Eligibility Requirement Consultation Fees

Our fee structure makes things easy. Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations fees are set flat rates. You do not have to pay a retainer. You do not have to worry about ongoing legal fees or surprise costs. Above all, extra fees only apply if you retain us to make an application for you under one of the identified means of coming to Canada. If you decide to apply on your own, then you have the option of hiring us again for a consultation to give you direction or even review the application that you drafted. These follow up consultations help avoid a rejected immigration application.

Setting Up Canadian Immigration Eligibility Requirement Consultations

Start off on the road to becoming a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident the right way. With Canadian immigration eligibility requirement consultations, you pay a one time fee with no further obligations. Moreover, with multiple immigration lawyers on staff in different time zones, we usually accommodate even short notice consultations. If you want to set up an appointment, please call us at 403-225-8810 for anyone in the Calgary, Alberta area and for the Edmonton, Alberta area please use our direct number for that office (780) 571-8463. lastly, feel free to call toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.