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Cannabis Law lawyers In Alberta

Our Cannabis Law lawyers combine their expertise in Cannabis laws and regulations, corporate, commercial, and civil law to provide services catered to each client’s needs. Not understanding Cannabis laws and regulations can put your business at risk. Whether you are seeking a retail or production license, or offering secondary services to the Cannabis industry, failing to abide by municipal, provincial, and national laws and regulations often cost your business time, money, and in certain circumstances, the business itself. The personal risks of failing to navigate Canada’s complex and ever evolving Cannabis legal framework can range from fines to criminal ramifications. The Cannabis Law lawyers at Kahane Law Office are here to protect your investment and to help you reach your goals in the Cannabis industry.

Range of Cannabis Law Services Offered

Whether you are looking to get into the Cannabis industry, or are already an established business in the market, the Cannabis Law lawyers at Kahane Law Office are here to assist and consult you at every stage of your business.

Our team provides services in the following areas:

Cannabis Licensing:

The Cannabis Law lawyers at Kahane Law Office assist clients in each stage of the licencing process, including application preparation and review, and with ongoing compliance requirements.

Licenses are required for cultivating and processing Cannabis, analytical testing of Cannabis products, research with Cannabis, and the sale of Cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. The Canadian Cannabis Regulations to the Cannabis Act set out the following Cannabis License classes. These classes provide for authorized activities in Canada’s Legal Cannabis sector. For example, these classes include licenses for:

  • Cultivation;
  • Processing;
  • Analytical testing;
  • Sales;
  • Research; and lastly
  • A cannabis drug licence.

Although the types of licenses and authorized activities in Canada’s Cannabis sector are prescribed federally, provincial and municipal laws, regulations and bylaws, play a critical role in setting the parameters for how your businesses may operate. As a result, the Canadian Cannabis legal framework is a complex and evolving landscape.

Prospective Cannabis License applicants must be aware and well advised of the criterion imposed on Cannabis businesses. These restrictions stem from various jurisdictions and governing bodies. Oversight or failure to comply with any of the applicable laws, regulations or bylaws during the application process can result in lengthy delays where your application is not outright rejected. Missteps in the process can cost your Cannabis business major financial losses.

Similarly, as a Cannabis License holder, you may risk disruption to operations and even the revocation of your license if you fail to remain in compliance with the changing legal and regulatory frameworks which govern the Cannabis industry.

Working with the Cannabis law lawyers at Kahane Law Office is a great option to protect your investment of time and capital in starting or operating a business in Canada’s Cannabis industry.

Business Organization

Our Cannabis Law lawyers assist clients with industry specific corporate and legal structuring, as well as corporate reorganizations. With both lawyers who focus on this area of law as well as all other business and corporate law, we help people both start and maintain their businesses.

Cannabis Law Related Contracts and Agreements

The Cannabis Law lawyers at Kahane Law Office apply their expertise to assist clients navigate and create contracts and agreements. Consequently, this then protects client interests and limits their exposures. For example, our contract and agreement services include:

  • offer to lease and commercial lease drafting and review;
  • service agreements;
  • labor and employment related contracts, including drafting drug and alcohol policies; and lastly
  • shareholder and investor agreements.

Compliance and Consulting Services

Our Cannabis Law lawyers are here to assist clients on a wide range of Cannabis related compliance matters. For example, these include:

  • the requirements imposed by the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations;
  • advising farmers on matters related to the Industrial Hemp Regulations;
  • advising board of directors on corporate governance issues facing cannabis businesses;
  • intellectual property protection and strategy;
  • Health Canada regulatory applications, approvals, and compliance as it relates to licences for Cannabis cultivation processing, medical sales, research and development, and analytical and industrial hemp licences
  • Provincial and Municipal regulatory applications, approvals, and compliance as it relates to retail Cannabis licences, and development permits;
  • Promotion, marketing, labelling and packaging, advertising and distribution compliance; and lastly
  • Security planning and protocols.

Intellectual Property

The Cannabis Law Lawyers at Kahane Law Office assist clients in navigating and understanding the novelties of Canada’s Cannabis intellectual property protection regime. Our Cannabis lawyers are here to advise and assist on plant breeders’ rights, trademarking and protection of industrial designs.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our Cannabis Law lawyers pride themselves on providing clients with a wide range of options in the event of disputes. For example, we assist clients with matters including but not limited to:

  • issues arising with regulatory bodies;
  • appeals to municipal Subdivision Development and Appeal Boards;
  • contract disputes, such as with distributors, or resulting from lease agreements;
  • shareholder disputes; and lastly
  • issues arising in general course of business.

Our Cannabis Law lawyers are well versed in alternate dispute resolution mechanisms including arbitration and mediation.

When alternate dispute resolution is not an option, our lawyers apply their skill, expertise and desire to represent you and your interests zealously in traditional court-based litigation and before administrative tribunals.

Connect with the Cannabis Law Lawyers at Kahane Law Office

Our Cannabis law team is here to understand your business and bring you forward-thinking solutions. Working with Kahane Law Office’s Cannabis law lawyers comes with the added benefit of gaining access to the full range of legal experts that make up our recognized and award winning team. We understand that this area of law is both emerging. Further, it is an area that integrats with a variety of other areas of law. Our team has the background to assist with your venture from start to finish.

To schedule a consultation with a member of our Canna

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