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Anti Spam Audits

Anti Spam Audits For Business

CASL Audit lawyers for large corporations have a financial cost but are more easily absorbed than by medium and small businesses. Our Calgary based CASL audit lawyers are able to service the CASL audit needs of medium and small businesses. Canadian Anti Spam Legislation needs to be taken seriously by Canadian businesses and our team will work with you to find an approach that works with your budget. The team at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta is here to help you.

How our CASL Audit lawyer Team Helps

Our CASL audit lawyers are able to work as a team with your medium or small business to ensure that your business is compliant. We will undertake a comprehensive audit of your medium or small business to ensure CASL compliance. Our CASL audit looks at all aspects of your business to ensure you can effect proper due diligence.

What a CASL Audit Reviews

Specifically the CASL audit will look are items including:

  • Review and documentation of all regulated types of electronic communication media
  • Review and documentation of all regulated types of electronic messages sent
  • Review and documentation of compliance with all electronic message content
  • Review and documentation of recipients of commercial electronic messages
  • Evaluation and review of express consent mechanisms
  • Evaluation and review of exemptions, and transitional compliance which will require change at the end of the legislated transition period
  • Evaluation of current communication content
  • Evaluation of current corporate branding and marketing
  • Review of existing corporate policies and procedures
  • Review of existing employee CASL training

Why CASL Audits are So Important

The New Canadian Anti Spam Legislation is clear that a company or individual who has exercised due diligence must not be found liable for an offence under the legislation. The audit process is part of the due diligence necessary to ensure that nothing is missed when looking at a specific business. With private litigation and penalties as high as $10,000,000 a day when the Act is fully in force, compliance is essential.

What is the Next Step after a CASL Audit

Once a CASL audit has been completed, our CASL lawyers can assist with the next step in CASL due diligence. The CASL audit will identify the areas of focus for your business. This will allow our audit team to put together a CASL policy that is customized to your business. Click here to learn more about CASL policies for small and medium businesses.

Finding CASL Audit Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta

CASL is a Canadian federal law. This means that our lawyers can assist businesses across Canada. The CASL audit lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with your CASL legal needs including dealing with commercial electronic message requirements. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.