How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

How much does it cost to get divorced? This is a question we hear often at Kahane Law Office. We may not be able to tell you exactly how much it will cost from start to finish, but we offer Edmonton family law legal fees on a flat rate basis. We publish those fees for transparency and so that you can estimate for yourself. At Kahane Law Office Edmonton location we get it. Transparency about our fees is something that we take seriously, so we post them on our website. Of course if you have any questions you can always email us here today or call (780) 571-8463.

Flat Fees For Most Family Law Services

Whether or not children are involved, whether or not spousal (or partner) support is involved, and other factors can impact your legal fees. Our services start at the following prices:

Uncontested Divorce

No children, no support  $1,500.00
With children OR spousal support  $2,000.00
With children AND spousal support  $2,500.00
Joint Divorce, add $250 to above

Separation Agreement

Property Agreement  $2,000.00
Property with children OR spousal support/waiver  $2,750.00
Property with children AND spousal support/waiver  $3,000.00

Cohabitation / Prenuptial Agreement

Property Agreement  $2,000.00
Property and spousal waiver  $2,500.00
Property and spousal terms  $2,750.00
Combined Cohab & Prenup add $750 to above
Independent Legal Advice
Cohabitation / Prenuptial Agreement (starting at)  $1,000.00
Separation Agreement (starting at)  $750.00

Other family Law Legal Services

Initial 1/2 day negotiation  $5,000.00
Additional 1/2 day negotiation  $3,000.00
“Regular” Chambers Application  $5,000.00
“Special” Chambers Application  $10,000.00

For all the above, GST and Disbursements are not included in the legal fees.

**The above Edmonton family law legal fees represent the initial flat fee for each service. Our fee model complies with the Law Society Of Alberta’s fee regulation. The flat fee may increase, depending on complexity of the issues and any necessary additional drafting time. Any increase in the flat fee will be discussed with the client in advance.

**These fees include the cost to draft and execute the necessary documents with the client. Any additional time spent negotiating a settlement, exchange or reviewing financials or any additional work, may result in the charge of additional fees.

Family Law Initial Consultations

We offer 3 levels of service for an initial consultation. Click here to learn more about our initial consultations.

Why We Cannot Tell You Exactly How Much Your Divorce Will Cost

Whenever there is conflict there is uncertainty. It only takes one person to create complications and increase the time and money a divorce may cost. However, at Kahane Law Office we tell you in advance what your legal fees will be. Whether or not you require one of the services listed above we always prepare a detailed plan including a Scope of Work that lists each task your lawyer will complete for you along with the associated fees.

What Our Edmonton Family Law Legal Fees Include

Before you hire your lawyer we will send you a Legal Services Agreement, including a Scope of Work detailing all of the services included in your fees. The following are examples of what may be included:

  • The fees for an uncontested or joint divorce and separation or cohabitation agreements may include an initial meeting where required. This meeting is billed at the time of the meeting.
  • The fee for a negotiation meeting may include compiling your financial disclosure (if required), preparing your negotiation plan, meeting with you in advance of the negotiation to review and update the plan, attending and participating in the negotiation, and debriefing you after the negotiation.
  • The fee for a chambers application may include the drafting and filing of your initiating application or reply, 1 affidavit, concise letter (if required – i.e. for special chambers), some legal research, preparation for the hearing, appearing at the hearing on your behalf and reporting to you afterwards.

What Is Not Included?

We take transparency seriously. Before you pay us a retainer we tell you exactly what that retainer will be used for. On the other hand, if a service is not listed in your Legal Services Agreement, it is not included. Anything over and above the Scope of Work you receive will incur additional fees. However, it is our practice to provide you with a Change Order detailing any new required tasks and their associated fees before completing any tasks outside your Scope of Work wherever feasible. Of course if you have any questions about included services you should not hesitate to ask your lawyer for clarification.

Payment Of Family Legal Fees

Before we begin working on your matter we require you to return to us your signed Legal Services Agreement and a “retainer” (or deposit) for the fees indicated in your Scope of Work. You can pay this by e-transfer, cheque, cash, or credit card (e-transfer is preferred!).

Military Discounts On Edmonton Family Law Legal Fees

At Kahane Law we support our troops. Evan Clarke, the founding lawyer of our Edmonton location serves in the reserves and has served overseas. We appreciate the sacrifice our soldiers make, so we offer a discount for all serving or retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces. This includes Edmonton family law legal fees and all our other areas of law too.

Getting The Legal Help You Need

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