Immigration Law Firm In Edmonton

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Immigration Law Firm In Edmonton

It’s not easy deciding to move to a new country, especially when the immigration law process can be long, complex and confusing. We are here to help. Kahane Law lawyers can assist you with the many types of immigration applications and, particularly if English is not your first language, we’ll make sure you understand the process. Our goal is to empower you and represent you well.

Our Edmonton immigration lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help with all your Canadian immigration-specific needs. Having worked with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in multiple roles and several offices worldwide, including within Canada, our team of immigration lawyers will provide you with respectful, efficient and professional service. We provide a full range of immigration-specific services for clients seeking Canadian visas, permits, and citizenship Call us directly in Edmonton, Alberta at (780) 571-8463.

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We Offer Immigration Law Consultations

We’re happy to offer immigration consultations to help clients understand their options or assist clients who wish to work through immigration matters mostly on their own. Our immigration lawyers provide these consultations on a flat-rate or hourly basis, and there are no further financial obligations. Our goal is to help you understand your options, explain reasonable expectations of success and provide direction on how to proceed. We can also review paperwork you’ve already prepared. We encourage you to learn more about our immigration consultations.

Kahane Law Immigration: What to Expect From Our Law Firm Services

At our Kahane Law Office in Edmonton, we have Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants and Alberta immigration lawyers. Our immigration lawyers and consultants work together – at  no extra charge to you – for quality service you can trust. We provide:

  • Immigration attorneys who are compassionate and understanding
  • A personal caseworker who will work with you as your application passes through various stages in the immigration process
  • Professional submission of all immigration paperwork and documentation to ensure the fastest turn-around time possible, resulting in fewer unnecessary costs and delays. Please note: we cannot control Canadian government processing times and applications are dealt with in accordance with current Citizenship and Immigration Canada wait times.
  • Updates and correspondence, so you always know what’s happening with your application
  • Follow-up with relevant government departments with respect to your application
  • Affordable eligibility reviews to see if you or your family qualify, except for refugee claims.

We Provide a Full Range of Immigration Services

Whether you’re seeking Canadian permits, visas or citizenship, our Kahane Law immigration lawyers provide a full range of immigration services. We stay up-to-date with changes in Canadian immigration law and will help you understand your options and choose the best one. We’re pleased to help with matters concerning:

We Can Handle Your Immigration Admissibility Hearings

You may face an admissibility hearing if there’s question about your admissibility. Make sure your matter is presented well by working with our admissibility hearing lawyers, who will help you put the best argument forward and present it at the hearing. To maximize your chances for a successful outcome, it’s imperative you have proper representation at the hearing. Let us be your advocate.

Submitting Immigration Appeals

The Kahane Law immigration law team assists clients when their applications are denied, as our firm provides full advocacy services. If you have received a denied application, please call us. We will set up a consultation to review the denial and determine what actions, if any, will result in success. Should your matter require action, we will appeal to both the Immigration Appeal Division and the Federal Courts. Click here to learn more about avoiding immigration rejections.

Hiring An Immigration Law Firm To Help

The Kahane Law team of Edmonton immigration lawyers is skilled, experienced and provides exceptional service. Call us today for assistance. You can reach us directly in Edmonton, Alberta at (780) 544-0119 or call us toll-free at  1-877-225-8817Feel free to email us directly here and we’ll get back to you right away. We love helping people with immigration matters and look forward to hearing from you.