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We Help People Wanting To Live, Work & Visit Canada

The immigration lawyers and consultants at Kahane Law Office are able to help people with affordable Canadian immigration consultations. We offer Flat Rate Canadian immigration consultations that allow people to meet one on one with our immigration team. Much of the paperwork, processes and procedures are complicated, specific and can be very frustrating for people to navigate. There are a huge number of forms, manuals and publications related to Canada immigration processes. While some of our clients are in Canada, many call or Skype in for their consultation.

Types Of Canadian Immigration Consultations

There are many types of situations that people use Kahane Law Office for a Canadian immigration consultation. While people are able to schedule a consultation for any immigration related questions, the most common include:

Why Clients Book Consultations

There are many reasons why people schedule Canadian immigration consultations with us. There is no right or wrong answer. While we are able to provide some immigration information at no charge to people, if people want a detailed look at their specific situation, we offer flat rate consultations. Here are the more frequent reasons why people schedule consultations when looking at immigration related issues in Canada.

Assessment Of Eligibility

Before someone starts an application process with regard to immigration, many want to know the likelihood of success. For example, if there is very little chance that the government will let someone move to Canada, then that person may decide not to spend the time or money on the application. These Canadian immigration consultations may be with respect to a variety of situation including, ability to get criminal rehabilitation, permanent residency, skilled worker program eligibility, etc.

How To Improve Your Application

In some instances, a person may want to do certain things to improve their likelihood to successfully come to live, work or visit Canada. Once their chances are improved, they then make their application. When a person is successful on their first application, they save time and money. For example, many people want to know how they can improve their points score for the Express Entry program. While no immigration professional can ever guarantee an outcome of any application, the professionals at Kahane Law Office can point out areas to improve or revisit, to maximize the likelihood of success of your Canadian immigration application.

Review Of Self Applications

Some clients attempt to navigate the challenging immigration process on their own. They may complete their own applications or paperwork. These people will book consultations when their application is rejected, looking for advice on how to correct it. Other people approach us before they submit their application to improve the chances of success. In those cases we will provide a professional review of the application, including detailed feedback on areas that may require additional attention, improvements, or where they may have been critical omissions. As a general rule, the better the application, the more detailed the consultations notes will be. Extremely poor applications will receive more general guidelines on how to improve the application.

How Consultations Are Conducted If Outside Canada

As Canadian immigration laws are federal, our Calgary, Alberta lawyers are able to help clients looking for immigration help throughout Canada (except, in some instances, Quebec). We are also able to help people from their home country or anywhere in the world. For clients not in Canada, payment for a Canadian immigration consultation may be made by credit card, e-transfer, bank draft, money order, etc.. We offer consultations via:

  • In person
  • Skype or other online video conference
  • Phone
  • Email

Booking Your Canadian Immigration Consultation Today

No matter why you need help with respect to Canadian immigration issues, you can book your consultation today. Our immigration law team is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, but able to assist Canada wide. Call Kahane Law today at 403-225-8810 or email us directly here.