Labour Market Assessment Consultations

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LMIA Consultations

Many people perceive every interaction with a lawyer to be expensive. In reality, the most useful and effective interactions are not only inexpensive but offer exceptional value and even save you money. Consultations with lawyers often give direction and value without ongoing obligations, retainers or extra fees. A Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA consultation allows you, for a set one time fee, to determine the options for bringing in a foreign worker and understand the process.

Most importantly, it also allows you to determine the likelihood of success. This saves you time and money, if a successful application is unlikely. The immigration lawyers at Kahane Law Office are happy to set up LMIA consultations. Note, that in Canada we often use the term lawyer, however in other countries they use the term immigration attorney.

Filling A Labour Shortage

Labour market impact Assessments (“LMIA”) effectively allow you to build your work force when you are unable to source a worker from within Canada. Have you been unable to identify someone from within Canada to fill the role? Business look for different types of foreign workers. These include executives, mid-level managers, or entry level workers. Bringing foreign workers to Canada, starting with a LMIA, might be a way to help build out your labour force.  Therefore, if you are considering an LMIA application to hire a foreign worker, our lawyers and immigration consultants can offer robust insight into the overall process. A LMIA consultation offers you the insight into how this process can help you and/or your business.

In-Home Caregivers

Are you looking for a nanny for your family? Unable to find a nanny from within Canada and wanting to explore your options to hire a foreign nanny? With a LMIA consultations, we guide you through the process to review the process, advertising requirements, application tips and tricks, and give you insights on the best approach to next steps. LMIAs in Alberta have a high refusal rate. Getting an up front consultation with a professional can help to boost the chances of success.

LMIA advertising requirements

The advertising requirements for high or low-wage LMIAs are extremely specific. Having the advertising with the proper wording, posted on the appropriate recruiting sources is the first step to putting together a strong LMIA application. During our consultations we review the specific advertising and recruiting process. This review is very specific for the position you are looking to fill.

What If Your LMIA Was Refused Before?

If you have already received a refusal? Having a past refusal does not preclude you from submitting another LMIA application. This situation calls for LMIA consultations to either avoid wasting time and money on another application or to submit an application more likely to succeed. We review the refusal with you and provide insights on the best way to approach the next application.

LMIA Based Work Permit

Have you successfully obtained an LMIA? Do you require assistance with next steps? After you obtain a positive LMIA the named foreign worker must still apply for an LMIA based work permit. Depending on their country of residence or citizenship, the foreign worker needs to apply for a work permit. They apply for a work permit at the Canadian consulate abroad, or at the port-of-entry in Canada. LMIS consultations allow the benefit of a lawyer’s experience and expertise, while allowing you to proceed on your own, if you want.

Benefits Of Immigration Lawyers Submitting Your Application

The immigration lawyers and consultants are able to complete your entire application for you as well, if you choose to hire us. This can be very beneficial because they will be responsible for your application from start to finish. They are able to use their expertise and knowledge to ensure they are providing the government with all necessary supporting documentation. They also help you along the way to build a strong application. Being able to ask the lawyer or consultant questions that you may not be sure about during this process is another benefit of retaining them to assist in this process.

Setting Up LMIA Consultations

When a person or company cannot find Canadians for a job in Canada, foreign workers help that person or company succeed. In order to do so, you often need a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Get the information you need and increase your chance of successfully bringing a foreign worker to Canada. When contemplating using foreign workers in Canada, LMIA consultations are the best place to start. Lastly, if you decide to retain a lawyer from Kahane Law to complete an application for you, we apply a portion of the consultant fee from the final price of your application.

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