Understanding Canadian Immigration: Attorneys


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Calgary Immigration Attorneys

Our Calgary immigration team includes immigration attorneys and Immigration specialists. We know that you want your immigration law matters to go smoothly. We pride ourselves on exceptional service. From immigration attorney to front reception, every member of our team understands that immigration is a personal and emotional matter. At Kahane Law Office we offer immigration services across Canada. This means if you decide to move to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, or Halifax, we provide all the services you need.

How Our Immigration Attorneys Help

Our immigration team meets with you, one on one, to get to know you and your situation. We see each client as an individual. Our Calgary immigration attorneys treat you with respect and understanding. We aim to exceed your expectations. Our immigration attorneys act for you for each step of the process. In an effort to reduce your stress, we navigate the process with the Canadian Government for you.

Understanding The Immigration Law Process

At Kahane Law Office, our Calgary immigration attorneys recognize that everyone wants to understand their immigration matter to different degrees. Some people prefer to understand more, while others prefer to know what they have to do. Thus, our immigration team tries to educate our clients so that they feel part of the process. The process of immigration can be complicated and while Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides a lot of information, it is still hard.

Finding Out If You Are Eligible To immigrate To Canada

If you plan to move to Canada, our Immigration attorneys will help you determine the likelihood of success of your application to immigrate to Canada. The most common questions we are asked include:

  • What happens if I have a criminal record?
  • Do I have enough money to move to Canada?
  • How do I study in Canada?
  • How can I work in Canada?
  • Am I considered a refugee by Canada?
  • How can I get my family to move to Canada?

We sit down with you and look at your specific situation and help give you a better idea of your eligibility to come to Canada. Through our meetings, we can provide guidance on how to make your application stronger or steps you can take to have a better chance of success. We can also help you learn how to avoid immigration rejections.

Our Immigration Services Offered

We provide full immigration legal services. We offer consultations if you wish to explore your options. This allows you to sit, call, or Skype with one of our lawyers to review your situation and develop a plan to achieve your immigration goals. If unsure as to which service you need, please reach out as we offer a full-service line. For example, we assist with:

Hiring Calgary Based Immigration Attorneys

We understand the importance and stress involved when you decide to move to a new country. Many variables and unknown processes pop up expectantly. Further, even the smallest error or missed item jeopardizes your application. This may lead to the loss or delay of the ability to enter Canada.  Use Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services and experience exceptional service and results. Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Call Kahane Law today at 403-225-8810 or email us directly here.