covid corona immigration extensions; Immigration Visa Permit Extensions COVID-19: Impact On Visitors, Foreign Workers And Students Getting Immigration Visa Permit Extensions

This is a time of great anxiety for many people. Covid -19 has had an unprecedented impact in our lives, and immigration is not the exception. Visitors, foreign workers and students are particularly affected as some are unable to leave Canada and are forced to remain beyond originally planned. This is why securing immigration visa permit extensions is key. The immigration lawyers are Kahane Law Office help with full applications, short immigration consultations to explain your options or even just review your own applications.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (ICCRC) is aware of the situation and strive to do the right things to support those affected.

Visitor, foreign workers and students who are currently in Canada are able to apply for immigration visa permit extensions to extend their status if they need to do so. You must submit your visitor, study, or work permit extension application before expiration.

If your applied before the expiration of your status in Canada, you will have “implied status.”  This mean you’ll be able to remain in Canada and continue study and working until a decision is made on your new application.

I Visitors To Canada Unable To Return Home Due To Covid-19?

If you are a visitor and your status has not expired, you can apply for a visitor record to extend your stay in Canada. Always try to get immigration visa permit extensions before the current one expires. You must apply for a visitor record before your current status expires and pay $100 fees to IRCC.  You will need to provide an explanation and if possible, evidence as to why you are not able to leave Canada.

Know When Your Status Expires For Immigration Visa Permit Extensions

If your passport was stamped when you entered Canada, you need to leave by the date stamped in your passport.

If your passport wasn’t stamped, you can only stay in Canada

  • for up to 6 months from the day you initially entered Canada, or
  • until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

If you received a visitor record, your status expires the date listed on the visitor record

For Workers With Work Permit Expiring Soon. What To Do

As a worker you have 2 options for immigration visa permit extensions:

If You Plan To Stop Working In Canada

If your work permit expires soon, and you stop working in Canada, then apply to change your status to visitor. This option only applies as long as your study or work permit has not expired. You need to explain the reasons why you need to change your status and extend your stay in Canada. In addition, you need to provide evidence that you cannot return home due to Covid-19 virus.

If You Plan To Keep Working In Canada

If you want to continue working, you may be able to extend your work permit as long as you are eligible. Email us for details or a consultation.

For Students With Student Permits Expiring Soon. What To Do

If you’re a student, you have 2 options, depending on your situation, for immigration visa permit extensions:

When No Longer Studying In Canada

If you plan to stop studying or already stopped, then apply to change your status to visitor. Is options applies if your study permit has not expired.

When Still Studying In Canada

If you want to continue studying, extend your study permit as long as you remain eligible. This mean you need to show you are still in the process of completing your studies and/or admitted into a designated learning institution in Canada. Call or email for a consultation.

Visitor, Study Or Work Status Expired: Immigration Visa Permit Extensions

What to do for immigration visa permit extensions depends on when the permit or visa expired. For example, these break down into two situations.

Less Than 90 Days Since Expiration

If less than 90 days passed since your status expired and you still have reasons to remain in Canada either as a visitor, student or worker, simply submit an application to restore your status

If your temporary resident status is restored, you’ll get a visitor record, study or work permit. Your new record or permit will outline the conditions of your stay in Canada.

Unlike submitting a study or work permit extension, applying to restore your status to student or worker does not mean you will be implied status. This mean you will not be able to study or work until you receive a new permit.

More Than 90 Days Since Expiration

If it has been more than 90 days since your status expired

You may be eligible to apply for a temporary resident permit and remain in Canada with legal status.

When you apply, you need to include clear reasons and robust evidence as to why you need to extend your stay in Canada.

How We Help With Immigration Visa Permit Extensions

Kahane Law provides highly specialized expertise to manage any negative consequences arising from the Covid-19. If you need to extend your stay in Canada due Covid-19, or your status has expired, Kahane Law can help. Please contact us with any questions in Edmonton and area at (780) 571-8463 or in the Calgary area directly at (403) 225-8810. or 1-877-225-8817.