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Invitation to Apply: Permanent Residents Canada

The New Invitation To Apply (ITA) For Canadian Permanent Residency

Canada regularly looks at its immigration polices and procedures. In order to best meet the needs of Canadians, and people wishing to immigrate to Canada, the sometimes introduce new systems. With the Express Entry program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada introduced new terminology for part of the process. One new term is the Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency. This term is also referred to as just an Invitation to Apply or a ITA. The immigration lawyers at Kahane Law Office help people with every step of this process. Please feel free to reach out for the help you need at anytime.

What Is An Invitation To Apply?

The first step to the road to Canadian citizenship is an invitation. An Invitation to Apply for permanent residency is a a stage in the Express Entry process. In addition, it is also the name of a document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The ITA process is one of the key aspects of this immigration system to help people become permanent residents in Canada. Ultimately, it exists as notice to someone that the government give permission to move forward in their application for status in Canada.

How To Get Your Invitation?

You do not get your Invitation to Apply right away in Canada. When an applicant submits an application for Permanent Residency in Canada through the Express Entry program, the government enters their name into a database, or pool of other candidates in the same occupation as the applicant. This application remains in this Express Entry database until either:

  • It expires (1 year after submitting the profile to CIC); or secondly
  • Until CIC issues the applicant an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency.

The timing for processing applications varies from time to time with Immigration Canada. While we often give an approximation for the processing time, this often changes on a weekly basis. The best way to speed up the process is by ensuring you provide your immigration lawyer with all required materials as soon as possible.

Why Does Canadian Immigration Issue The ITA?

While the steps before receiving an invitation form a screening mechanism, the Invitation to Apply is CIC’s way of notifying an applicant that the application succeeded to move forward to the next step. Further, it the allows for the applicant to then complete the immigration forms necessary to continue the Permanent Residency application. Under this program, you must wait for the ITA before moving forward. Using a lawyer helps improve the chances of a speedy and successful application.

Your Best Chance To Get An Invitation To Apply

With the Express Entry system based on points, specifically outlined in CIC’s Competitive Ranking System, a key element for an applicant to ensure the maximum number of points have been issued for their profile. Our immigration lawyer always use a detailed analysis of the number of points that apply to your specific situation. However, if you wish to see an estimate of your number of points, please use our entry program points calculator program.

Your best chance to receive an Invitation to Apply rests in you maximizing the points you are entitled to. The CIC created this competitive atmosphere several years ago. It ensures that the best and most highly skilled applicants in any given profession receive an offer for the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency. The more points you have, the more likely that you will receive an Invitation to Apply.

To have the best chance to get an Invitation to Apply, creating an accurate profile that maximizes your points, and by extension your marketability to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, will help keep your profile at the top of a long list of applicants. This means, when the time comes for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to choose applicants it feels best suited to help shape the Canadian economy, culture, and future; you can feel secure in the fact that you have presented your best possible case for consideration. Since this is a crucial step to citizenship, we strongly recommend the use of an immigration lawyers. Their knowledge and background help you improve your chances to move to Canada.

Help With Your Invitation To Apply

At Kahane Law Office, we have extensive experience in Citizenship and Immigration Canada policy and process. We also assist many clients with the Express Entry program. If you want help applying for the Express Entry program, and ensuring you receive the important Invitation to Apply, please contact our experienced Immigration Services Team. CONNECT NOW. The best way to connect is by way of email. This allows for quicker response times regardless of your time zone. Also call toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.