Understanding Real Property Law

Real Property Lawyers In Alberta

Real Property Lawyers In Alberta

Since the single largest investment a person generally makes is their home. Great importance exists in understanding the nature of real property. at its most basic, people often refer to it as real estate. Kahane Law Office started the firm dealing specially with real estate. With decades of experience, our lawyers assist clients everyday with real estate related matters. Since our offices include locations in both Calgary and Edmonton, we help across Alberta.

Property Vs. Real Property

To help people understand the difference between property and real property, we use this example. Property includes anything a person can own. For example, a car, vase, shares in a company or a teapot. This type of property is commonly referred to as personal property. Real property specifically relates to all types of land. For example, this includes commercial land, your home, condominiums, industrial land, etc.

What Is Real Property?

At its basic definition, real property is land. However, it includes more than just the land itself. For example, it also includes anything attached to it. Common examples, include a house, building, towers, roads, machinery, etc. To make things more confusing, real property also includes waterways such as canals and ponds and minerals located under the ground. Essentially, it includes the ground, anything permanently attached to the ground and natural structures forming part of and existing under the ground. As simplistic way of thinking about it is it includes immovable property.

Registering Ownership In Real Property In Alberta

Alberta uses a Torrens Land Titles System. Essentially the provincial government guarantees the registrations on title for each piece of real property province wide. The system is available for anyone to search any property. The search shows several things. For example, a land titles search shows the owner of land, the type of ownership and any debt or other interest registered against the land.

Types Of Real Property Ownership

Ownership and interests in land includes a wide variety of forms. In order to determine the type of interest you need help with, we provide assistance to you or your company. For example, some forms of interests in real property registered at the Alberta Land Titles Office include:

Fee Simple Ownership

This is the most common form of ownership. Technically and historically, the Crown owns all land in Canada, however, fee simple ownership is what people refer to as true ownership. If you see this on your title, then your right to sell, mortgage, trade, use, etc the land and its attachments are absolutely yours.

Life Estate

A life estate is an interest in land given to a person to hold and use the land for as long as they live. On the passing of the person with a life interest, the land reverts back to the owner in fee simple. These see frequent use in estate planning and in arranging property interests in blended families.

Leasehold Interest

When someone rents land or a building to a person or company for an extended period of time (over three years) that interest includes a registerable protective element. In registering a leasehold interest, the tenant makes the world aware that the landlord lacks the ability to rent to property to anyone else. Further, any buyer of the land, takes ownership of the land with that leasehold interest protected. The fee simple owner retains absolute ownership.

Registered Interests In Land

Many interests include a legal right to record that interest at the Alberta Land Titles Office. These interests include rights to access land, such as an encroachment agreement, easement or party wall agreement. They also include a notice of a financial interest in land. Financial interests also take many forms. However, the two most common include real property interests allowed by legislation and those allowed by contract.

Legislated Interests

Liens are interests in real property allowed by statute. For example, these include builders’ liens and beet farmer Liens.

Interests By Agreements In Writing

The other main form of securing a financial interest on real property is by way of an agreement in writing charging land. The law requires the use of very specific language for registration. These frequently appear as a caveat on title. Another example includes a mortgage.

What Real Property Lawyers Help Clients With

Our real property lawyers assist clients with all real estate matters. For example, we assist with clients

Real Property Lawyers In Alberta

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