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Start, grow and sell: A business lawyer in Calgary helps from start to finish.

Calgary Alberta Business Lawyers

People who run their own successful business are often good at what they do. This is true of many types of businesses ranging from flower shops, bike stores, plumbings and creative writers. Where they often need help is with business law. A Business lawyer is lawyer who understand the legal aspects of running businesses. When you chose to work with a business lawyer at Kahane Law you get a whole team behind you. Read more on how we help business owners succeed or call us directly at 403-225-8810.

What A Business Lawyer Does

A business lawyer will help you with your business from start to finish and everything in between. The following are some of the more common areas where you may need a business lawyer in Alberta. While the following legal issues are not exhaustive, we are always happy to talk to you to see if you can help. If you are not sure where to even start, then we are happy to help you sort out your situation hand help determine the best path for your business. Our business law services include:

Determining Business Structure

Some businesses are incorporated, some are run as a partnership and others are sole proprietorships. It is important to pick the best business structure for your business. We help go over the pros and cons of each type of business structure and help determine which is right for you. Once determine, we help you set up your business in the structure that is best for you. We even help with little reminders like business numbers with the CRA.

Franchise Law

Buying into a franchise? Starting a franchise? Selling a franchise? Our franchise lawyers are able to help with all aspects of franchises. Many complications exist with franchise agreements. Many hidden risks exist in the contracts that you need to understand and be aware of. A franchise can be a great investment. Start yours on the right foot.

Business Incorporation

If you decide that you want to incorporate your business, a business lawyer can help you do that. A business lawyer ensures the proper set up of the company so that you avoid problems down the road. Our business lawyers can help you maintain your business on an ongoing basis and even act as your registered office to make sure that every legal notice is dealt within a timely basis. If you are opening an Alberta branch of an existing business, then a business lawyer in Calgary team can help with your extra provincial registration. Remember that a corporation is a legal entity. To enjoy the advantages of incorporation, this step must be done properly.

Determining Corporate Structure

How you structure your corporation is key. A business lawyer will help you determine the best cooperate structure for you from a legal basis. we also work with your accountant to maximize your tax advantages with your corporation. Corporate structure is important for the long term benefit of your business.

Employment Law

Other than situations where you are the only person in your business, you will have to deal with some employment law legal issues. When these come up, your business lawyer at Kahane Law also has access to our employment law team. Our employment lawyer may be used for quick information or retained specifically for a larger matter. Employment issues include legal advice on: hiring, firing, employment contracts, consulting contracts, etc.

Corporate and Business Agreements

Business agreements are contracts that make sure that everyone does what they are supposed to. They range from short non-competition agreements, to extensive agreements with suppliers and clients. Working with a business lawyer means that you are not on your own. We help determine which agreements you need most, help you review and understand business agreements that you must sign, and can even negotiate and draft a business agreement that protects your business.

Buying or Selling A Business

When you are buying or you are selling a business, it is best to get your business lawyer involved right from the start. You must make key decisions immediately regarding what you are selling (assets, vs shares) or buying. It is extremely important that you understand the contract you sign with respect to the business before you sign it. A business lawyer sits down with you and explains the contract, where you may want to better protect yourself and ensure that the deal that you made is legally represented in the agreement. When it comes time to close on the deal, we make sure of the payout of debts, leases assigned, that funds are transferred properly and that legal ownership gets properly transferred.

Business Financing / Borrowing Money

Business do not grow themselves. Hard work, aka sweat equity, will get you far but sometimes you need cash to grow your business. Business financing comes in many forms. One option is a line of credit secured against your home, find investors or borrow a capital business loan. In each case you will need a business lawyer to act for you. We are here to help you understand what you are agreeing to and make sure that you get the independent legal advice that you need.

Business Lawyers and More

The Business law team at Kahane Law are more than lawyers. Several members of our team are each a business lawyer but also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. We know business law but we also know business. Sometimes business decisions are made on a business basis and not a legal basis. It is important to have a business lawyer who can give you guidance with respect to both, equally important, aspects of your business.

Getting A Calgary Business Lawyer

Starting and running a business often starts with getting the right business lawyer in place. We understand business and business law. Call today at 403-225-8810 in Calgary, Alberta or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or please feel free to email us directly here.