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Canadian Express Entry Consultation Immigration Lawyers

Under the express entry program, your points score is key. Consequently, the more points you have, the greater your chance of meeting the threshold. It is important to know that the threshold is not fixed. The express entry points requirements change constantly. It will vary depending on the number of candidates submitting applications and the quality of their application. Consequently, if you are considering an express entry permanent residency application and need guidance interpreting your express entry points score, we can help.  The Canadian immigration laws can be confusing. The lawyers and immigration consultants at Kahane Law Office are here to help you navigate this process with a Canadian express entry consultation.

What Is A Canadian Express Entry Consultation?

Our Canadian express entry consultation consists of a 50-minute discussion where our immigration lawyer or consultant will be able to review your personal profile with you (age, marital status, country of residence, current and past work experience, language abilities, education, etc.). In addition we review the next steps in the process that best meet your specific needs.

How Consultations help With The Application Process?

The lawyer and consultants use a Express Entry Points Calculator to determine an estimate of your Comprehensive Ranking Score Points (“CRS”) points score. While our immigration lawyers use a detailed analysis for points, we offer an estimated points calculator here. The Comprehensive Ranking Score Points is your key to the express entry program. This determines whether you qualify under the various program streams. They review your estimated CRS points score with you. They also provide comment on whether you are likely to be invited to apply for permanent residency express entry programs. Finally, they answer your questions as you go.

During a Canadian express entry consultation, they provide comment and suggested steps to maximize your score. This, consequently, increases the likelihood of being invited to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada if your points score is below the latest CRS points draw. If you do not have sufficient points to be drawn under the Express Entry program streams, we review other potential avenues of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada. Alternatively, we review other Canadian immigration strategies to employ to achieve your long-term goal of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.

The Kahane Law immigration team identify the potential weaknesses and risks in your application. They then give you strategies to reduce the risk of refusal in your application. They also provide you with tips that increase the likelihood of your Canadian Permanent Residency Application. Further, we advise you with respect to supporting documentation, forms and other information required for an express entry program in the various streams.

What To Do If You Received An Express Entry Refusal?

People receive express entry refusals for many reasons. You may have missed part of the form or left out key information. Some people do not understand how to property categorize things when looking at their Comprehensive Ranking Score Points. Lastly, some people leave out key aspects that potentially make the difference for acceptance.  If you already received a refusal, it is not the end of your opportunity. It is key to ensure that your next application is better. Consequently, we comment on ways to improve your next application. We provide suggestions about the ways you can increase the chances of receiving a positive outcome on your subsequent Permanent Residency application.

Moving Forward With Your Application

The immigration lawyers and consultants at Kahane Law answer any questions you may have about the process during the consultation. After the Canadian express entry consultation we  provide you with a follow-up email with resources to assist you in taking the next steps in your application. This allows you to submit a better application on your own again. Alternatively, we are able to make the application for you.

Benefits Of  Immigration Lawyers Completing Your Application

The immigration lawyers and consultants are able to complete your entire application for you as well, if you choose to hire us. This can be very beneficial because they will be responsible for your application from start to finish. They use their knowledge and experience to ensure they provide the Canadian government with all necessary supporting documentation. They help you along the way to build a strong application. Being able to ask the lawyer or consultant questions that you may not be sure about during this process is another benefit of retaining them to assist in this process.While cost is always a key factor, know that a portion of your Canadian express entry consultation fee may be applied to the cost of us completing your application.

In order to move forward with Canadian immigration, you need enough points in order to get an invitation to apply.

Here To Help With Canadian Express Entry

Getting help with your express entry application starts by reaching out. If you want Canada to become your permanent home, call today. The experienced immigration team at Kahane Law is here to help. Reach us by phone at either of our Alberta locations. (780) 571-8463 for our Edmonton, Alberta office or 403-225-8810 for our Calgary, Alberta office or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.