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CASL Training & Education

Anti Spam Training For Your Team

CASL Education and training are the last components to CASL due diligence. Our CASL compliance team, combines lawyers with CASL background and understanding with long term educational training skills. CASL Education is a key component to not only avoiding extensive fines but to creating a defense to any charges under the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation.

Why Kahane Law CASL Training

The Kahane Law Office CASL compliance team has broad experience in education. Proper employee training and education are key to ensuring that a business remains compliant with Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. Having individuals who are exceptional educators help ensure that the CASL education and training is effective for your team. Our teams education experience includes training and teaching at/for:

  • The University of Calgary Law School
  • The Calgary Board of Education
  • The Calgary Real Estate Board
  • The Legal Education Society of Alberta
  • The Law Society of Alberta
  • SAIT
  • Mount Royal University
  • The Real Estate Counsel of Alberta
  • The YYC Social Media Breakfast

Why is CASL Training and Education so important

With the ability for private individuals to sue individuals and companies that violate the Canadian Anti Spam laws and penalties as high as $10,000,000 it is important to not contravene this law. Further, exercising due diligence is specifically legislated so that a court must not find liability under the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. A key component to due diligence is properly CASL training and educating your employees. As an officer or director, you may be subject to vicarious liability under CASL.

What Does CASL Training and Education Cover?

CASL Training involves our CASL team providing instruction to employees on what is allowable and prohibited under the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. Any consultants that provide services that may violate CASL may also attend. Training will consist of two one hour sessions. Many clients prefer lunch and learn style classes however our CASL training team is flexible in meeting your needs. Our education & training can be part of a larger CASL program or a stand alone program for your business.

How Much Does CASL Education Cost?

At Kahane Law, we believe in providing exceptional service at reasonable fees. Wherever possible we offer flat rate fees. For CASL education we offer flat rate fees based on the size of your business. Call now for competitive pricing for small and medium size Canadian businesses. Our CASL services may be delivered as a package or individual services may be provided as required. In addition to CASL education and training, we are able to offer CASL Audit services and CASL Policy drafting services.

Training for Groups and Organization

Kahane Law Office CASL team is also able to deliver education and training seminar for groups and organizations. Our team has presented to a variety of organizations including, small business advisory groups, business coaches, charities, promotional & marketing companies and more. Call now about upcoming sessions to book a seat or to schedule a session for your group.

Hiring CASL Training and Education Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta

CASL is a Canadian federal law. This means that our lawyers can assist businesses across Canada. The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with your CASL legal needs including CASL Education and training. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.