Disney Characters Smuggling Meth

From the title, you might think that some characters have fallen on some very hard times. Everyone knows Disney, and most of us have some wonderful memories of beloved Disney characters. They remind us of simpler times, good times, and they are a cherished part of us. However, there are others out there who are using Disney for nefarious purposes, as evidenced by one of the latest and surely one of the strangest busts by the Drug Enforcement Agency in the United States.

Not Hidden Well Enough

Drug smugglers and dealers often try to hide their illicit goods in different areas, making it harder – supposedly – to be found by the authorities. However, you will find that most of the time, they fail miserably at it. People have hidden drugs in secret compartments on their vehicles, in food, and even in their own bodies. However, it rarely works. One of the more recent smuggling attempts was to place meth inside of wax figurines that were shaped like Disney characters. The DEA found around 500lbs of meth in these figures, which had a value of about $2 million on the street.

Some of the “smugglers” in question include Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Donald Duck. The actual smugglers, however, had not been apprehended at the time of writing. The figurines had been shipped into the United States from Mexico, and they were intercepted when they reached Atlanta.

The DEA said that this was a massive operation that was uncovered. Those who were perpetrating the smuggling utilized decoys made of ceramic, which were in a separate shipment but sent with the other toys containing the meth.

They believe that this was most likely in an effort to provide some concealment for the toys that included the drugs in

them. The wax, which has been used in the past for smuggling meth, was supposed to throw off the scent of the meth, but that rarely works. The agents are trained to look at everything, no matter how innocent it might look.

Many were concerned that the drugs were being placed in these toys because the smugglers were trying to target children. However, there is no proof of this. Instead, it might simply be that the smugglers were trying to get the drugs into the country using these innocuous toys hoping to throw off the agents. Fortunately, this tactic did not work.

Smugglers Will Keep on Trying

There are plenty of ways that smugglers have tried to bring illegal goods into the country, and it is a certainty that they are going to continue to try to find new ways of thwarting the authorities. Meth is a very serious problem in many places around the world, particularly in the United States. With luck, the authorities will be able to continue finding the shipments before they enter the community. Additionally, hopefully they will find those who are shipping the drugs, and those who are supposed to be receiving and distributing them.