Masked Vigilante Hunts Serial Killer

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This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Masked Vigilante Hunts Serial Killer

This is a weird one even compared to many of the other posts that have appeared on this site—and that’s saying something. Weird, yes, but really interesting. The title might sound like the basic plot of The Batman, but this isn’t a piece of fiction. So, let’s get into it.

What do you think about superheroes and vigilantes? Sure, they can make for some fun and compelling comics, television, and movies. However, most don’t often think about them in the context of the real world.

Yet, there are self-proclaimed real “super” heroes who go out and patrol the cities in which they live. They have costumes, tend to keep their identities secret, and often claim to fight crime. Most of the time, what they do is harmless and amounts to little more than cosplay. Their presence—just because it puts more people on the street—could even help to deter some types of crime.

When they try to take the law into their own hands, though, they go from being mildly amusing to becoming vigilantes. Let’s look at one such case in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Serial Killer and the Vigilante

Little Rock, for the most part, doesn’t tend to get as much attention when it comes to crime as some larger cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. However, when you look at the actual crime rates, Little Rock has the highest crime rate per 1,000 residents when compared with all of the other state capitals in the country.

Little Rock could also have a serial killer that has been given several names by the true crime watchers including Little Rock Slasher and River City Ripper. The killer first struck in 2020 and has stabbed several random victims who were on the streets in the middle of the night.

After the appearance of the serial killer, someone new and unexpected came onto the scene. A masked vigilante who calls himself ShadowVision began patrolling the streets of the city. He was supposedly in the city before the new crimes occurred but only started to gain notoriety after his video to the serial killer.

Because this is the modern age, he also has social media where he connects with his followers and posts videos. He vowed to “hunt down” the serial killer. In fact, he even issued threats to the killer, saying “I am hunting you right now”. He has also said that he would protect the innocent at whatever cost, and he would sacrifice his own life to save an innocent.

The vigilante claimed this isn’t his encounter with serial murderers, saying that he has “exterminated” two other serial killers. The information, of course, can’t be verified. He said that one was in North Carolina and the other was in Arkansas back in the 90s.

ShadowVision is not content with dealing with just serial killers, though. He has also said that he hunts high-ranking gang members. According to some reports, the vigilante has claimed that he is originally from Belfast. It can be assumed that he meant Belfast, Arkansas, which is located in the township of Dekalb in Grant County rather than Belfast, Ireland. He said he wanted to give the city hope.

The vigilante has been seen on several occasions, believe it or not. He generally has a helmet, bulletproof vest, backplates, katanas, sais, fanged arm cuffs, and dresses in black. He exists, but not everyone is thrilled about it.

No doubt about it, this is weird all around.

Up to this point, no one has been caught for the stabbings. Unless, of course, the vigilante has made good on his word.