Florida Man Kills Grandfather and Cuts Off His Ears

person with baseball bat

This Week’s Wacky Wednesday: Florida Man Kills Grandfather and Cuts Off His Ears

Police were called to a home in Deland, Florida in early 2021 after getting a call of a reported stabbing that had taken place. Deputies arrived at the property at 6:40 p.m. and found a bloody man standing on the home’s porch.

What Happened? A Horror Show

The man, Kolby Allen Parker, had blood covering his hands and arms, and he tried to explain to the deputies what had happened. The body of an elderly man was nearby. The police asked Parker to wait outside while they confirmed that the old man—his grandfather—was dead.

The police who examined the body found that the grandfather had several stab wounds on his body and his ears had been cut off. As some of the cops were examining the body, others were talking with Parker. Parker told them that he and his grandfather, Ronal Wells Sr. had gotten into an argument and that initially, his grandfather had the knife. Parker claimed that his grandfather had tried to hurt him and that he was able to wrestle the knife away from the older man and then stab him in the heart.

The cops asked Parker if he had any weapons on him, to which Parker answered yes. However, when the deputies did a pat-down, they didn’t find any weapons. They did feel some unknown object in each of Parker’s front pockets, though. These objects were soft to the touch but firm, according to the report. They did not remove the objects at that time.

The police then asked if Parker knew where his uncle, Ronal Wells Jr. was located. Parker responded yes, put his hands in his front pockets, and withdrew a severed ear from each. “This is where he is.”

It was soon discovered that his uncle was not harmed in the incident, though. The ears belonged to his grandfather. He had cut them off after murdering his grandfather and then shoved them into his pockets.

Not Done Yet

Parker then attempted to steal a police officer’s gun and Taser. The police tried to restrain him. During the fight, he attacked three officers, kicking and headbutting them as he was being arrested. The police attempted to use a Taser on him, but it was not effective. He was finally subdued and sent to the hospital for his injuries and then to jail.

The police continued to investigate after getting a warrant and quickly found that Parker’s story about his grandfather attacking him appeared to be untrue. They found a bloody aluminum baseball bat on the corner of the porch. Detectives also found several slices and gashes on Wells’s arms that they concluded were defensive wounds.

Parker eventually admitted to hitting his grandfather in the head with the baseball bat until he dropped. He then got a knife and stabbed his grandfather multiple times before cutting off his ears.

Why would he do something like this? Understanding the true reasons behind these types of crimes can be difficult for many reasons. Parker, however, told investigators that he wanted his grandfather to be with his dead grandmother. The real reason could be something else entirely—arguments about money, lifestyle, etc. could all escalate.

Here’s something that adds some more creepiness to this case. When they searched the home, they found an apron in Parker’s bedroom that said, “The Family Butcher”. Two fake plastic human ears were attached to the apron.

He was charged with second-degree murder and assaulting an officer. He was held without bond.