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Wacky and unstable man sues several celebrities for various things

Jonathan Lee Riches Sues the Kardashians and Just About Everyone Else

It’s rare that one man can bring as much unintended entertainment to the world of weird court cases as one Jonathan Lee Riches. Over the years, this former inmate has sued countless people for some very strange things. He’s made something of a hobby, or perhaps a lifestyle, out of it. Over the course of his life, he’s sued thousands of people, most of whom were famous. Of course, he’s also sued places and things because, well, why wouldn’t he do that? Some of the people he’s sued in the past include Molly Ringwald and Eliot Spitzer. However, he seems to have a special place in his litigious heart for the Kardashians.

Suing the Kardashians

While there are certainly many people out there who don’t like the Kardashian family, they probably don’t deserve all the hate they get, and they don’t deserve to have to deal with silly and frivolous lawsuits thrown at them by the likes of Riches. He used a pseudonym, Gino Romano, to file a suit. Romano was supposedly the, and we’re not making this up, the “Personal body guard and agent/best friend/confederate/butler/financial advisor/and landscaper for the infamous Jonathan Lee Riches.” Please keep in mind that Riches and Romano are literally the same person. First, he claims that it was Kim Kardashian that wanted him to use stolen credit cards to buy clothes for the sisters. He says that he was coerced into using these stolen credit cards to buy other things as well including gum, bags, feminine hygiene products, hormone treatments and plastic surgery. He also says one of the credit cards stolen belonged to Nicole Richie. That’s not all. Not by a long shot. He’s also claimed that he was at a McDonald’s in Nashville to celebrate his release from prison when Kim showed up, took his McFlurry drink and spilled it on his head. Then, he says that Khloe Kardashian took his Whopper (with cheese, of course), and then rammed his Aston Martin and caused $22,124.97 in damages. One of the biggest mysteries though, is how Riches could get a Whopper at McDonald’s, since it’s a burger from Burger King. He’s also tried to sue one of the Kardashians for chasing him around a mall at one point. He’s had litigious run-ins with Kanye as well, and he doesn’t seem stable.

Enough is Enough

This is just the beginning though, and as we said earlier, it’s not only the Kardashians that he’s constantly suing. Whether he’s legitimately mentally unstable or he’s doing it for the publicity that it brings, one thing is certain: He’s wasting the taxpayer’s time and money in the United States with frivolous lawsuits, and people are getting fed up with it. As funny as it can be, it also shows that some real problems exist in the court system of the United States when people can continually bring these types of suits to light. Of course, Canada has had its own share of crazy cases in the past, and will likely have quite a few more well into the future.

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