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Bring Family to Canada with Family Sponsorship: Immigration Canada

Bringing Family to Canada: It can be very heartbreaking to have family members countries apart. Many people currently live in Canada without their family because they married a Canadian and moved here, moved to Canada to work while family members stayed behind in their home countries, or were separated for many other reasons. They may want to bring their family to Canada.

Regardless of how these families came to be separated, it is important that they be able to immigrate as a family to Canada to be together. Fortunately, Canada does have a family sponsorship program to allow Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor family members and help them move their family to Canada.

How Family Sponsorship Works

If you sponsor a family member, it means that you are helping to bring them to Canada. Sponsoring a family member that is immigrating to Canada, as outlined by the Government of Canada, can be a very complex process. Most people who choose to sponsor someone do so with the help of an immigration lawyer who understands the different requirements.

The Basic Elements of Sponsoring and Bringing Family to Canada

The basic elements that most family sponsorship procedures include are:

Eligibility For Sponsoring a Family Member

You have to be eligible to sponsor a family member, and your family members must be eligible to enter Canada. Your family member will need to pass medical and criminal background checks.

Application to Sponsor Family to Canada

You must submit a properly completed application as the sponsor in order to be considered to allow you to have all your relatives (that you want to) to live in Canada.

Processing of Canadian Sponsor Applications

Next, you wait for the government to process your  application and complete the assessment.

Arrival in Canada

Your family member must arrive with valid travel documents and information from your application will need to be verified.

Whom You Can Sponsor as a Family Member:

The following are the family members that can be sponsored into Canada.

  • Your Partner – This can include your spouse or common law partner. Canada does recognize same sex marriages and partnerships.
  • Your Children – Any dependent children, including adopted children
  • Other Dependents – Nieces, nephews, siblings, grandchildren, other extended family
  • Parents/Grandparents – Lastly, you can sponsor your parents and grandparents for permanent residence. Alternatively, you can apply for a Super Visa. This allows them to visit Canada for up to two years at a time.

Things to Consider When Sponsoring Family Members

There are many factors that can affect when or if your family members can successfully immigrate to Canada. The expectation is on you to demonstrate that you will be able to adequately care for your dependent family members when they arrive. It is also important to note that processing times can differ significantly between the different sponsorship streams; processing can take longer to sponsor your extended family than your spouse.

Special Conditions for Spousal Sponsorships

As of October 25, 2012, Canada enacted special requirements for spousal sponsorships. The new regulations apply to you and the person you are sponsoring, when bringing family to Canada if you meet these three stipulations:

  • Submitting your application on or after October 25, 2012;
  • Have no mutual children; and lastly
  • Have been in a relationship for less than two years.

If the three statements above describe your situation, take note. You and your partner must live together for two years after your sponsored partner or spouse is granted permanent resident status. The permanent residence status includes a revocation provision if the couple does not remain in a “legitimate relationship”.

Receive the Help of an Immigration Attorney in Canada

As you can see, while sponsoring a family member may seem like a straightforward concept, it can quickly become very complicated. If you want to bring your family to Canada, it is wise to enlist the help of an immigration lawyer.An attorney who is experienced with the various family sponsorship streams and application requirements can help you navigate this confusing process. Your lawyer can ensure that you follow the application process correctly, provide all of the necessary documents, and quickly help your family members move to Canada. Learn more about our immigration group.

Lawyers Who Can Help You With Spousal Sponsorship

When you bring family to Canada, the sponsorship process can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that you do it right the first time. A failed application can make it harder to bring your whole family together in Canada and to get permanent resident status. Our experienced team can help you make sure that your application is in order before submitting it. It is important to remember that misstating anything on your application can have serious consequences. Do not make this mistake when sponsoring family members. Our team understands this.  We work to ensure a proper completion to your application and filing. This gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

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