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Mediation lawyers reduce conflict in family law.

Are you considering mediation as an alternative to litigation? Many people in Alberta do consider mediation. It offers a number of benefits, and it has the potential to work quite well in a variety of different types of cases, including family disputes and disputes between friends and business partners. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this type of process works so well so often and where it does not. Mediation lawyers help with this process.

Mediation Is Thoughtful and Respectful

When going through mediation, it’s easier to keep the relationship with the person or people in the other party positive. The mediator and the parties involved can agree in the beginning to keep the language and the accusations to a minimum in order to keep the overall relationships stronger in the end. While it is not always possible to remain friends with someone after mediation, it is easier than it is after a heated court battle.

Reduce the Stress

Another one of the reasons mediation tends to be successful is the fact that it does not cause the same amount of stress that litigation can cause. It’s easier to meet in the mediator’s office, which is a far more comfortable environment than the courtroom.

The Cost Is Lower Using Mediation

People will also find that the cost of mediation is far lower than going through court with attorneys. Consider that both parties will have to hire attorneys for the case, as well. Combined, this can cost a substantial amount. Using a single mediator to bring the parties together and help them to settle their differences is just a fraction of the cost. Even better, the parties can split the cost to lower their expenses even further.

More Privacy

Going to court means that everyone’s “dirty laundry” is out for the public to see. Keeping the matter to private mediation means that everything is confidential. Mediators will not disclose any information.

Mediation Is Better for Families

If you have children and you are going through a divorce, going through court and a long and angry battle can be devastating to them. It can increase hostility between parents, and this can cause pain to the children. Mediation is far friendlier for the children. Parents are able to come to agreements that are mutually beneficial to them and especially to the children.

Save Some Time

Going through court, in addition to being stressful and expensive, also consumes a substantial amount of time. By going through mediation, you will not have to deal with court deadlines that induce more stress, and you will not become embroiled in a legal battle that could take years to resolve. Most feel that mediation is able to help them save a substantial amount of time that would otherwise be spent arguing in the courts.

There Is No Downfall to Trying Mediation

Even if you are unsure if mediation will work for you, there is no harm in trying it. The best outcome is that it works well and you are able to save time and money. At worst, you will have to go through litigation eventually. However, many people find that litigation really is a better solution, and it is successful for a large number who go through the process.

Get a Great Mediator in Alberta

If you’ve decided that mediation is the right choice for you – and it very well might be – then you should make sure you get in touch with a great mediator right away. You need to find a mediator in Alberta who has experience and who has a good reputation in the field in order to help you with your case. Take the time to do your research and choose the best.

Where does Mediation Not Work

Mediation, while useful does not always work. When one or both party is intent on not successfully negotiating or settling out matters, mediation will fail. Generally these situations arise when parties are so angry or otherwise emotionally charged and set on revenge or vengeance. Mediation can lead to reasonable and fair results but not when a or the parties are not looking for that outcome.

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