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Clear Trail Left By Crooks In Woods Led To Capture

Thieves With Munchies Get Busted by Macaroni

When police are working a case, they know that they need to follow the evidence if they want to find the culprits. Sometimes, this involves chasing down leads, talking with witnesses, and using forensics to help locate a suspect. Other times, they simply have to follow a literal trail of macaroni salad. It seems that some thieves have quite a bit less going on upstairs than most people.

What Happened in This Case?

Three men in New York (Timothy Walker, James Marullo, and Matthew Sapetko, all of Idaho) decided that they would do what thieves do and break into a business. They chose Build A Burger & Ice Cream. Of course, since they are the typical type of thief – not overly bright – their masterful plan was to throw a rock through the glass door. They stepped inside and took out the surveillance system, and then broke into the cash register. Their haul was a massive $29. Of course, they were likely famished from coming up with such a brilliant scheme, so they also took some macaroni salad.

When they left the scene of the crime with the cash register, money, macaroni, and surveillance equipment, they started to drop things along the way. They dropped a glove, some money, the register, some of the equipment, and some of the macaroni.

The police arrived at the scene and all they had to do was follow the trail of dropped items all the way back to where the three were hiding out. It did not take long to catch them. The police followed the trail to a wooded area not far from the restaurant, which was where they found and apprehended the suspects.

What Charges Were Filed?

The thieves were charged with several crimes – third-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief, and fourth-degree larceny. With all of these charges against them, they could be facing up to fifteen years in prison, if they get the maximum sentence. Depending on their past and the other elements of this case, they may be able to get off with a lighter sentence. They will likely have to spend some time behind bars though, all for $29 and some macaroni salad. They had better hope that the prison system serves some good macaroni salad.

Thieves Rarely Learn

There is something about stupid criminals that captures our attention. It’s nice to know that the bad guys rarely have their head enough in the game to get away with their crimes. One look at the news on any given day is likely to net you at least one story about criminal who did something that led the police right to their doorstep. They may not have all left a trail of delicious macaroni, but they still tend to make quite a few mistakes. Thieves have fallen through ceilings, they’ve been trapped in the duct work of buildings, and they’ve left personal items at the scene of the crime. These thieves help to make the job of the legal system quite a bit easier, and that’s a good thing.

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